Post Malone Girlfriend – Top Facts about Jamie

Jamie, widely known as the fiancée of the prominent singer Post Malone, was born in Daejeon, South Korea, on July 5, 1997. Her parents’ identities remain a mystery. From her childhood, Jamie nurtured a deep passion for singing.

Her imminent marriage to Post Malone has placed her in the spotlight, not just as his future wife but also as a part of a well-known family in the music industry. Rich Post and Nicole Frazier are the parents of Post Malone, Jamie’s fiancé, and Jodie Larson, his stepmother.

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Furthermore, Mitchell Post, known as Post Malone’s stepbrother, will soon become Jamie’s brother-in-law through her marriage to Post Malone. This relationship further emphasizes the significance of Jamie’s upcoming marriage to a figure deeply connected to the music industry. As the story progresses, more details about Post Malone’s life and career will come to light as we continue.

Meet Jamie with her Fianc'ee Malone having a good time together

Meet Jamie with her Fiancee Malone, having a good time together. Image Credit:

Jamie spent eight years of her childhood living in Thailand and adopted the name Jamie while attending Garden International School Bangkok. Her family currently resides in Seoul, South Korea. Jamie is proficient in several languages, including Korean, English, and Thai.

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However, Jamie completed her studies at the Hanlim School of Performing Arts in 2016, a significant moment she shared with Baek Yerin, another member of her group, and Yugyeom from Got7, who is also under the same label.

In the entertainment industry, Jamie is renowned for her multifaceted talents as a singer, songwriter, and TV host. Her journey to stardom commenced in 2011 when she participated in the inaugural season of “K-pop Star,” a televised competition. Her extraordinary abilities led her to victory in the contest and opened doors to collaborations with major entertainment companies. A pivotal moment in her career occurred when she signed with JYP Entertainment on May 21, 2012.

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Jamie Education:

Furthermore, Jamie, renowned as Post Malone’s fiancée, attended Hanlim School, which established itself on March 3, 1962, with Lee Hyeon-man assuming the role of school principal. By 2009, it had transformed into Hanlim Multi Arts High School.

Jamie schools were she study. Image Credit:,, and

Jamie attended Garden International School, which is located in Bangkok, Korea, and also Hanlim School of Performing, where she studied Arts. Image Credit:, and

It holds a reputation as a school that current and aspiring members of the South Korean entertainment industry attend, alongside the School of Performing Arts Seoul and Lila Art High School.

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The school occasionally garners media scrutiny due to the fame of some of its students, particularly during graduation ceremonies.

Jamie has kept her family life private, resulting in limited knowledge about her family members.

Meet Post Malone girlfriend Jamie caring their baby.

Meet beautiful Post Malone’s girlfriend, Jamie, who is carrying their baby. Image Credit:,

She has chosen not to disclose any details or information about her family publicly, maintaining a level of privacy in that area of her life.

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About Jamie Fiancee Post Malone:

Post Malone, born Austin Richard Post on July 4, 1995, in Syracuse, New York, was raised by his father, Richard Post, and stepmother, Jodie. His father, who had been a DJ during his youth, introduced Malone to a wide range of music genres, including hip-hop, country, and rock.

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At the age of nine, Malone’s family relocated to Grapevine, Texas, when his father secured a position as the concessions manager for the Dallas Cowboys football team. It was around this time that Malone developed an interest in playing the guitar. In 2010, he auditioned for the American band Crown the Empire but faced disappointment as his guitar strings broke during the tryout. His initial fascination with playing the guitar stemmed from the video game Guitar Hero.

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In the meantime, the American rapper Post Malone has shared personal insights into his life, including his relationship with his fiancée, Jamie.

The acclaimed musician, known for chart-toppers like “Sunflower,” has expressed his joy and commitment to caring for his body, family, and friends while spreading love daily.

While Post Malone has not publicly disclosed Jamie’s full name, the couple has been spotted together on multiple occasions since October 2020. Significant moments in their relationship include their attendance at his cousin’s wedding in August 2021. Jamie, the future wife of the music maestro, accompanied his family to a Magic: The Gathering cards event in Phoenix in October of the same year.

Meet Post Malone with his Fiancée Jamie

Meet Post Malone with his Fiancée Jamie, looking happy together. Image Credit:

Furthermore, Post Malone’s proposal to Jamie in 2021 had a unique twist. He made the proposal while under the influence during a trip to Las Vegas. Initially, Jamie declined, but she accepted when he asked again in a sober state the following day. Post Malone has expressed his unwavering confidence in Jamie as his life partner.

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Post Malone and his fiancée welcomed a baby girl in June 2022:

In June 2022, Post Malone delighted his fans with the news of the birth of his baby girl. This joyful event also marked a special milestone for Malone’s parents, Rich Post and Nicole Frazier, who are now becoming grandparents, and for Jodie Post, who is transitioning from a parent to a grandparent. Additionally, it brought happiness to Mitchell Post, who is now an uncle to his brother’s child. It is indeed a moment of great joy for the family.

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Post Malone emphasizes the significance of protecting their daughter’s privacy and is committed to granting her the autonomy to make her own choices.

Moreover, he openly shared his intent to marry Jamie, even though her identity remains undisclosed. Maintaining privacy continues to be a top priority for Post Malone as he pursues his music career and embraces the responsibilities of fatherhood.

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Post Malone credits Jamie with playing a pivotal role in helping him address his relationship with alcohol, leading to a more responsible approach. Nowadays, he consumes alcohol for enjoyment and during performances, marking a significant departure from his previous habits driven by sadness.

Meet Post Malone with his child whose name is unknown having the same tattoo as the father.

Meet Post Malone with his child, whose name is unknown, who has a tattoo on the face like the father. Image Credit:,

In February 2023, Post Malone and Jamie appeared together in Australia, upholding the discreet nature of their relationship. Prior to Jamie, Post Malone was romantically linked to visual artist MLMA in 2020.

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His most prominent relationship preceding Jamie was with Ashlen Diaz, which endured for three years before they parted ways. Throughout that period, Post Malone grappled with the difficulties of juggling his music career and his personal life.

Jamie Career:

Jamie won the first season of K-pop Star in 2011 and chose to sign with JYP Entertainment in 2012.
She debuted with 15& and later went solo as Jimin Park.

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Solo Career Highlights:

Jamie co-hosted Arirang TV’s After School Club and released singles like “Hopeless Love” and “Dream” with Eric Nam. She formed the group M.O.L.A and released tracks like “My Way” and “Trick or Treat.”
Albums include “19 to 20” and “Jiminxjamie.” Jamie left JYP Entertainment in 2019 and signed with Warner Music Korea in 2020.

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Recent Updates:

Jamie released songs like “Pity Party,” “Numbers” featuring Changmo, and “Apollo 11” featuring Jay Park.
She’s preparing for a comeback and a North American tour.
Her new EP album, “One Bad Night,” is set to release in October 2022.

Charity Work:

Jamie donated to Hanbit Performing Arts Company for blind musicians in 2012 and supported World Vision. She collaborated with Eric Nam on “Dream,” with all profits donated to charity in 2015.

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