Post Malone Step Brother – Top Facts about Mitchell Post

Mitchell Post, acknowledged as Post Malone’s stepbrother due to Rich Post’s marriage to Jodie, spent his childhood with Malone in Grapevine, Texas. Mitchell, who is Jodie’s biological son from a previous marriage before she married Rich, became a constant presence in Malone’s life, nurturing a strong, sibling-like bond despite not sharing a biological connection.

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Notably, Malone is now engaged to Jamie, and they have a child together, which not only solidifies Mitchell’s role as a stepbrother but also makes him an uncle to Post and Jamie’s child. For comprehensive details about Jamie and her child, follow this link for full information on Jamie. Additionally, we will examine aspects of Mitchell’s family life.

Meet Mitchell Post with his step-brother Post Malone

Meet Mitchell Post with his step-brother, Post Malone. Image Credit:

Mitchell and Malone’s strong bond exemplifies the unity of their blended family, where Mitchell plays a vital role as an integral member. Their story underscores how familial connections can surpass biological ones, offering a heartwarming example.

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It highlights the ability of blended families to form deep, enduring connections based on mutual respect, shared experiences, and love.

Mitchell and Malone’s upbringing in Grapevine illustrates modern family dynamics, emphasizing emotional bonds over genetic connections in defining the true essence of family.

About Mitchell’s Mother, Jodie Larson:

Jodie Larson, widely recognized as Post Malone’s stepmother and a biological mother to Mitchell, was born on September 8, 1970. She married Rich Post, who happens to be Post Malone’s biological father.

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Jodie’s previous marriage to Mitchell’s dad ended for undisclosed reasons, leading her to become recognized as Post Malone’s stepmother. This marriage also made Mitchell Post, who is Jodie’s son from a previous relationship, popular as Post Malone’s stepbrother.

Again, Jodie Larson, who played a significant role in Malone’s career after marrying Rich Post, was born in Camillus, New York. She attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse for her higher education.

Meet Mitchell Post mom Jodie Larson who is now Post Malone's step mom.

Allow me to introduce you to Jodie Larson, who is currently Post Malone’s stepmother and the mother of Mitchell Post. Image Credit:

Jodie and Rich met in Syracuse while she was working at a health centre, and they fell in love. However, they eventually tied the knot and began building a family together, raising two children: Mitchell, her biological son, and Malone, her stepson, whom she cherishes as her own.

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Jodie Larson, Education:

Jodie Post, known as the stepmother of the America the Beautiful Post Malone, attended Le Moyne College. This institution, a private Jesuit college, is located in DeWitt, New York. The Society of Jesus established it in 1946, naming it in honor of the Jesuit missionary Simon Le Moyne.

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Notably, when it was established, the Jesuits made Le Moyne College the first coeducational college in the United States. As of 2021, the college has played a great role in the field of higher education, having conferred degrees to over 35,000 students.

About Mitchell’s Step-Father, Rich Post:

Richard Post, commonly known as Rich Post and renowned as Post Malone’s father, has significantly influenced his son’s career. He was born on May 11, 1966. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1988, he lived in Syracuse for 16 years. Currently, he works as the Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at AT&T Stadium, which is the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Rich Post married Mitchell’s mother after her separation from her son’s biological father, making Mitchell Rich Post’s stepson. This new connection also brought opportunities for Mitchell and his mother to become better known. It’s worth noting that Mitchell now automatically becomes Post Malone’s stepbrother, as Post Malone is currently engaged to Jamie as of the time of this writing.

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Together, they have a child, strengthening their family bond. The engagement, which took place in January 2024, marks Jamie’s impending integration into the family. Rich Post is especially excited about this, as it confirms his status as a grandfather and strengthens family bonds.

Rich Post’s personal life involves two marriages. His first marriage was to Nicole Frazier Lake, Post Malone’s biological mother. After their divorce, he married Jodie Post, who is now recognized as Post Malone’s stepmother. This union introduced Post Malone’s stepbrother, Mitchell Post, who is Jodie’s son from a previous relationship.

Mett Rich Post with his wife Jodie Larson who is now officially Jodie Post and also Mitchells birth mom and Post Malone's step dad.

Introducing Rich Post and his wife, Jodie Larson, who is now officially known as Jodie Post. Jodie is not only Mitchell’s biological mother but also Post Malone’s stepmother. Image Credit:

In summary, this information underscores Post Malone’s complex family dynamics, with a focus on his father, Richard Post. A poignant photograph of Rich and Post Malone further illustrates their profound bond.

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Let’s delve into the education of Mitchell’s stepfather, Rich Post:

Richard Post, Post Malone’s father, is a graduate of Syracuse University, earning his degree in 1988. Syracuse University, a renowned private research institution situated in Syracuse, New York, United States, was founded in 1870 and transitioned to a nonsectarian university in 1920. Richard attended a university located in the University Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, positioned to the east and southeast of the city’s downtown area.

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Mitchell Post’s StepDad – What does he do for a living?

Rich, at the time of writing, serves as the Managing Assistant Director of Food & Beverage for the Dallas Cowboys, where he oversees concessions for the football team.

Interestingly, concession stands were not always present in movie theaters. Initially, food was sold by attendees or vendors outside the theaters. However, by the 1930s, concession stands became a standard feature in many theaters. During World War II, sugar rationing made candy less available at snack stands, which caused popcorn to become more popular.

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In broader terms, a concession stand also referred to as a snack kiosk or snack bar in British and Irish English, is a place where people can purchase snacks or food at various entertainment venues.

These venues encompass cinemas, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, circuses, fairs, stadiums, beaches, swimming pools, concerts, and sporting events. Third parties frequently secure contracts to sell food at these venues.

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