Joe Burrow Girlfriend – Top Facts about Olivia Holzmacher

Olivia Holzmacher, famously known as Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend, was born on the 27th day of April 1997 in Mason, Ohio, United States, to her parents, John Holzmacher (her Dad) and Susan Holzmacher (Mum).

In terms of education, Olivia Holzmacher graduated from Ohio State University, where she earned a degree in data analytics. This implies that she is a data scientist by profession. In terms of occupation, Research has it that her Dad, John, is a field superintendent, while her mum works in the healthcare industry.

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Olivia Holzmacher is from the United States and is of Caucasian descent in terms of her ethnicity. Olivia has two sisters, Brittany Sara and Meghan Emily, and was raised in Mason, Ohio. Furthermore, She, at the time of writing, resides in Columbus, Ohio, with her family. Olivia is famously known to be Joe Burrow‘s girlfriend as of 2023. Her lover, Joe, is the son of Jim Burrow, his Dad, a former NFL player.

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The article offers an in-depth look at Olivia Holzmacher, recognized as Joe Burrow’s girlfriend. Explore more about her life and relationship with Joe. Accompanying the text is a photo of the couple.

Meet Olivia Holzmacher boyfriend Joe Burrow

Meet Olivia Holzmacher’s boyfriend, Joe Burrow. Image Credit: Instagram/oliviaholzmacher, people

Olivia Holzmacher Education:

Olivia Holzmacher completed her high school education at William Mason High School and, in 2019, obtained a bachelor’s degree in Data Analytics from Ohio State University.

Photograph featuring William Mason High School, located in Mason, Ohio, United States.

Photograph featuring William Mason High School, located in Mason, Ohio, United States. Image Credit: masonohioschools

William Mason High School, often referred to as Mason High School (MHS), is a four-year public high school situated in Mason, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. It’s part of the Mason City Schools district.

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The school’s first graduation occurred on May 21, 1886, at Mason Presbyterian Church, where seven students completed a three-year high school program and presented their papers.

Olivia Holzmacher Height and weight:

Moreover, her height is about 5 feet 9 inches, and she weighs around 62 kg. Her features include brown eyes and brown hair.

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Did you know that Olivia Holzmacher is a lover of dogs?

Shortly before announcing her relationship with Burrow, Holzmacher welcomed a Goldendoodle named Beau into her family, whom she affectionately describes as “way too calm and sweet” on Instagram.

Photograph of Olivia's dog, Beau.

Photograph of Olivia’s dog, Beau. Image Credit: instagram/oliviaholzmacher/

Olivia Holzmacher Job:

Olivia Holzmacher’s LinkedIn indicates she’s a senior process specialist and analyst at Kroger, focusing on e-commerce dashboards and insights for pickup and delivery services. She has held this role since February 2010.

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The Kroger Company, commonly known as Kroger, is an American retail firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded by Bernard Kroger, and It runs a variety of supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States.

Photograph of Olivia Holzmacher' working place.

Photograph of Olivia Holzmacher’ working place. Image Credit: Wikipedia, thekrogerco

Before her current role, Olivia worked as a supervisor at Lifetime Fitness in Deerfield, Ohio, from 2013 to 2015, managing facility cleanliness, member concerns, and supporting department leadership.

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Life Time, Inc., formerly known as Life Time Fitness, was founded by Bahram Akradi and incorporated in 1990. Initially a Minnesota corporation named FCA, Ltd., it registered the Life Time Fitness name in 1992. In 2017, it dropped “Fitness” from its name, becoming simply Life Time, Inc. The company’s first club opened in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

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Relationship Status:

Photograph of Olivia and her boyfriend Joe Burrow.

Photograph of Olivia and her boyfriend, Joe Burrow. Image Credit: Instagram/oliviaholzmacher

Olivia Holzmacher first met Joe Burrow at Ohio State and continued to attend his games, even after his transfer to Louisiana State University, often seen supporting him from the sidelines.

Additionally, she was present at the December 2019 ceremony where Burrow received the Heisman Trophy. She actively supports him, celebrating his achievements online and wearing Bengals jerseys publicly. Their relationship, known since 2017, is admired for its steadiness and privacy.

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Olivia has been a steadfast partner to Burrow, supporting him from his pre-fame days to his Heisman Trophy win in 2019 and his 2020 NFL Draft selection. Her pride and joy in his achievements have been publicly shared, including celebratory Instagram posts honouring his milestones.

Research indicates that she is neither married nor pregnant currently, but given the positive progression of their relationship, marriage and starting a family could be future possibilities.

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If Olivia and Joe Burrow marry, she will become the daughter-in-law of Jim and Robin Burrow and a relative to Joe’s siblings, Jamie and Dan. Similarly, her parents, John and Susan Holzmacher, will become relatives of the Burrow family by marriage.

Olivia Holzmacher Engagement Ring:

As of January 2024, there have been rumors about Olivia Holzmacher’s engagement to NFL star Joe Burrow. Though unconfirmed, the rumoured engagement ring symbolizes their love and commitment. Their relationship continues to inspire as they potentially move toward marriage, with the ring embodying the promise of their future together.

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Olivia Holzmacher Origin:

Research indicates that Olivia Holzmacher, born in Mason, Ohio, is an American citizen. She is Caucasian. The German origin of her surname “Holzmacher” points to potential German roots.

Olivia Holzmacher Siblings:

Current research suggests Olivia Holzmacher may be an only child to John and Susan Holzmacher. While there’s speculation about potential sisters, no concrete information has been found. Any updates on her familial relationships, including cousins or other relatives, will be provided as new information emerges.

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