Post Malone Stepmother – Top Facts about Jodie Larson

Born on September 8, 1970, Jodie Larson, known as Post Malone’s stepmother, married Rich Post, his father. Having a son, Mitchell Post, from a previous relationship, Jodie, thus makes Mitchell Malone’s stepbrother.

As Malone plans his wedding to Jamie, his child’s mother, Jodie, stands on the verge of becoming a grandmother, further integrating Jamie into the Post family. As of January 2024, with Jamie and Malone’s engagement ongoing, Jodie is about to become Jamie’s mother-in-law, possibly linking her to Jamie’s unnamed parents.

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Jodie’s marriage to Rich Post after her previous marriage ended has brought her into the spotlight as Post Malone’s stepmother, illustrating the intricate relationships within Post Malone’s family. A photo captures a heartfelt moment between Post Malone, Jodie, Mitchell, and Rich, showcasing their close family ties.

Meet Jodie with her family, Malone on the left follow with his dad while Mitchell on the right follow with his mom.

Meet Jodie with her family; Malone on the left follows with his dad while Mitchell on the right follows with his mom. Image Credit:

The article goes deeper into Post Malone’s family background, giving you a peek into his relationships with his family and how he grew up.

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Jodie Larson, who played a significant role in Malone’s career after marrying Rich Post, was born in Camillus, New York. She attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse for her higher education.

Jodie and Rich first crossed paths in Syracuse, where Jodie was employed at a health center, sparking a romance between them. Subsequently, they tied the knot and began their life together, nurturing a blended family that includes Mitchell, Jodie’s son from a previous relationship, and Malone, her stepson, whom she embraces as her own.

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Jodie Larson Education:

Jodie Post, famous as Post Malone’s stepmother, went to Le Moyne College. Le Moyne College is a private Jesuit school in DeWitt, New York. It was founded in 1946 by the Society of Jesus and is named after Jesuit missionary Simon Le Moyne.

Jodie Larson College Image Credit:

Jodie Larson College Image Credit:

When it started, Le Moyne College was the first co-ed Jesuit college in the United States. By 2021, it had graduated over 35,000 students, making a meaningful impact in higher education.

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About Jodie Larson’s Ex-Husband:

Jodie went through a divorce in her previous marriage, and the reasons behind it remain undisclosed. She has a son named Mitchell from her previous marriage. Eventually, she crossed paths with Rich Post at her workplace, and they tied the knot.

Rich embraced Mitchell as his own, and in turn, Jodie embraced Rich’s son, Malone Post, as if he were her own. Details about Jodie’s ex-husband are unknown. Jodie’s public recognition grew when she entered into a relationship with the celebrity father, Rich Post.

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Jodie Larson’s Second Husband:

Let’s introduce Rich Post, the second husband of Jodie Larson. We will now delve into his story to learn more about him.

About Jodie Larson’s Husband Rich Post:

Richard Post, also known as Rich Post and famous as Post Malone’s father, was born on May 11, 1966. His initial marriage was to Nicole Frazier Lake, who is Post Malone’s mother.

Meet Jolie and her husband Rich Post

Meet Jolie Larson and her husband Rich Post Image Credit:

Rich Post was a significant influence on Malone’s career; he completed his education at Syracuse University in 1988. He resided in Syracuse for 16 years. He currently serves as the Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at AT&T Stadium, the home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Following their separation, Rich Post tied the knot with Jodie Post, who is now acknowledged as Post Malone’s stepmother. This marriage brought Mitchell Post, Jodie’s son from a previous relationship, into the family, making him Post Malone’s stepbrother.

Jodie’s husband’s Education:

Richard Post, recognized as Post Malone’s father, is a former student of Syracuse University, where he completed his studies in 1988. Syracuse University is a prestigious private research institution situated in Syracuse, New York, USA.

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Established in 1870 with an initial affiliation to the Methodist Episcopal Church, the university transitioned into a nonsectarian institution in 1920. It is located in Syracuse’s University Hill neighborhood, situated to the east and southeast of the city’s downtown area.

About Jodie Larson’s Son Mitchell Post:

Mitchell Post, now Post Malone’s stepbrother and Rich Post’s son, has become an uncle to Malone’s child. Growing up together in Grapevine, Texas, they shared many childhood experiences.

Meet Jodie Larson son Malone stepbrother Mitchell. Image Credit:

Meet Jodie Larson’s son Malone’s stepbrother Mitchell. Image Credit:

Mitchell was born before Jodie got together with Malone’s father, so he has been a part of Malone’s life since he was young.

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Growing up in Grapevine, they became really close, almost like siblings, even though they aren’t biologically related. This shows how their blended family came together, with Mitchell being an important part of it.

About Jodie Larson’s Step-Son Post Malone:

Born on July 4, 1995, in Syracuse, New York, Austin Richard Post, known as Post Malone, grew up in Grapevine, Texas, where he formed a close bond with Mitchell, akin to siblings, despite no blood relation.

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This connection underscored the close-knit nature of their family, with Mitchell playing a key role. Post Malone grew up with his father, Rich Post, and his stepmother, Jodie Post.

Even though Malone held his mother responsible for her separation from his father, Rich’s past as a DJ exposed Post Malone to a broad spectrum of music from a young age. This included hip-hop, country, and rock, laying the groundwork for his eclectic musical style and future success.

Meet Jodie Larson step-son Post Malone

Meet Jodie Larson’s stepson, Post Malone. Image Credit:

At nine, Malone moved to Grapevine, Texas, when his father became the Dallas Cowboys’ concessions manager. There, Malone started playing guitar, influenced by Guitar Hero. Even though Malone experienced a setback in 2010 when broken guitar strings led to a failed audition for Crown the Empire, his musical preferences kept evolving. He embraced alternative rock, even DJing at Emo Nite in Los Angeles in 2017 with My Chemical Romance songs.

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Initially part of a heavy metal band, Malone shifted to rock and hip-hop, using FL Studio for music production. Now a global music sensation, Malone’s journey from varied musical interests to international fame makes his parents incredibly proud.

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