Post Malone Mother – Top Facts about Nicole Frazier Lake

Nicole Frazier Lake, who is Post Malone’s mother, hails from Walton, New York. Her son is Post Malone. He is famous for hits like ‘White Inversion,’ ‘Circles,’ and ‘Wow.’ He works as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. His success has secured his top position in the music industry.

Meet Nicole with her son Malone. Image Credit:,

Meet Nicole Frazier, Post Malone’s Mom. Image Credit:,

Malone’s Mum is overjoyed at becoming a grandma, which, in turn, fosters a closer relationship between Jamie and the Post family. Plus, as of January 2024, Jamie is engaged to Post Malone.

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Consequently, she will soon become a part of Nicole’s family, thereby strengthening their familial bonds. She celebrates her son’s relationship with Jamie. Jamie and Post Malone have a child together and plan to marry.

Nicole Frazier Lake Facts:

Growing up in Walton, Nicole, the mother of the Pop Superstar (Post), experienced life in a small-town setting, which often fosters close-knit community ties and strong family values.

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She decided to move to Texas. This shows her values. It highlights her commitment to stay close to her son, Post Malone.

Consequently, the move demonstrates that she is more than just a mother. She is a supportive figure in Malone’s life. This matters a lot in the demanding entertainment industry.

Nicole chose to move closer as her son became a star. This choice shows she puts family first over her comfort. It shows she is key in giving Malone emotional support and stability. This is vital for someone facing the challenges of fame.

Meet Nicole with her son Post Malone.

Meet Nicole with her son Post Malone, having a family bond. Image Credit: vergewiki.

Prior to her son’s rise to fame, details about Nicole’s life remained largely unknown. This suggests that she led a private and ordinary life. Her story is a poignant example of the sacrifices and decisions parents make to support their children’s dreams and aspirations.

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Nicole’s unwavering support for the singer with magic, Post Malone, from his early beginnings to his rise as a global music icon, underlines the profound influence and importance of a mother’s love and dedication in shaping the success of her children.

Nicole’s Marriage and Family Life:

In Walton, New York, Rich Post married Nicole, and together they welcomed a son named Austin Richard Post. The marriage did not last, ending in divorce. The specifics behind their separation have been kept private.

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Rich Post entered into matrimony with Jodie Post on October 17 in the early 1990s, who brought a son named Mitchell from a previous relationship into the family, thereby making him Nicole’s stepson. The image below depicts the bond Nicole shares with her former husband’s new family.

The couple encountered each other at Atlas Health Care Linen Service, an industrial laundry situated in downtown Syracuse. Before her marriage to Rich, Jodie had been previously married, and as a result, she had a son named Mitchell Larson.

Meet Nicole with her son Post Malone and her step son Mitchell

A photo of Nicole and her ex-husband’s stepson Mitchell with her son Malone. Nicole is by the right, and her son Post Malone is at the centre, with her Ex-husband’s stepson Mitchell Post by the left. All look happy together. Image Credit: Pinterest.

Nevertheless, following his marriage to Jodie, Rich Post relocated to Grapevine, Texas. This move was prompted by his new role as the concession manager for the Dallas Cowboys football team. At the time of this move, Post Malone was nine years old.

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About Nicole Frazier’s Ex-Husband Rich Post:

Born on May 11, 1966, Richard “Rich” Post, Post Malone’s father and a Syracuse University graduate, now works as the Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at AT&T Stadium.

After divorcing Nicole Frazier Lake, Post Malone’s mother, he married Jodie Larson, making her Post Malone’s stepmother, and introduced his stepbrother, Mitchell Post, from Jodie’s previous relationship.

Meet Nicole and her ex-husband, Rich Post, with his new wife, Jolie Post. Image Credit:

Meet Nicole and her ex-husband, Rich Post, with his new wife, Jolie Post. Image Credit:

This summary sheds light on the family structure surrounding Post Malone, emphasizing the significant role of Richard Post as his father. A photo capturing a father-son moment between Post Malone and Rich, underscoring their strong relationship.

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Nicole’s ex-husband’s influence on her son’s career:

Nicole’s ex-husband, Rich, played a significant role in shaping Post Malone’s musical interests. Rich, a disc jockey in his youth, exposed Post to various music genres, including hip-hop, country, and rock. His experience as a DJ, often at weddings, allowed him to introduce a diverse range of music to his son.

Meet Nicole son the Post Malone the music superstar

Meet Nicole’s son, the Post Malone, the music superstar. Image Credit:

Post Malone taught himself guitar through YouTube videos and the video game “Guitar Hero.” He was deeply influenced by Southern rock and country music.

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At 16, he produced his first mix tape, which caught the attention of record companies and led to a recording contract with the famous Republic Records. Furthermore, Post Malone has worked with well-known artists like 50 Cent, Young Thug, and Kanye West.

Nicole Ex-Husband Education:

Richard Post, recognized as Post Malone’s father, completed his education at Syracuse University, graduating in 1988. Syracuse University, a prominent private research university, is situated in Syracuse, New York, in the United States.

Rich Post Education britannica

Rich Post School. Image Credit:

Originally established in 1870 with ties to the Methodist Episcopal Church, the university underwent a notable transformation. By 1920, it had evolved into a secular institution. Following this transition, it found its current location in the University Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, situated to the east and southeast of downtown.

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Nicole Frazier’s Age:

While Nicole Frazier Lake has not disclosed her exact age to the public, the available information suggests that she is likely in her early to mid-50s.

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