Micah Parsons Mother – Top Facts about Sherese Parsons

Sherese Parsons, born in November 1974, is the proud husband to Terrence Parsons and mother of Micah Parsons, a standout defensive rookie and linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. She grew up with her siblings, Starling McDonald, her brother, and Tiffany McDonald, her sister. Professionally, the NFL’s mom is deeply involved with The Parsons Foundation, a charity focused on helping underprivileged children.

A photo of the Sherese Parson, the mother of the famous NFL athelet, Micah Parson.

A photo of Sherese Parson, the mother of the famous NFL athelet, Micah Parson. Image Credit: Pennlive.com.

She is also active with International H.O.P.E. Incorporation, an organization dedicated to supporting homeless people and families in need by providing food and shelter.

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At the age of 24, Sherese was pregnant with her third child, Micah, and facing challenging times. Already a mother to two and working two jobs, she struggled financially. Adding to the stress, Micah’s father, Terrence, was not consistently present. Despite these hardships, Sherese persevered.

During this period, the mother of the rising star contemplated not continuing her pregnancy with Micah, feeling uncertain about the future. However, a timely call from a friend at her church, sensing something was amiss, changed her mind. This conversation was a pivotal moment, convincing Sherese to keep her baby.

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Micah, the famous NFL player, grew up aware of the significant decision his mother made. From his mother, he learned the value of faith and the sanctity of life. Her resilience and determination not only supported Micah in his early years but also instilled in him a sense of purpose beyond his football career.

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Now a father himself, the quarterback draws inspiration from his mother’s strength and resolve. His journey highlights how a simple act, like a phone call based on intuition, can alter the course of life, emphasizing the profound impact of a mother’s love and decision-making.

Who is the husband of Sherese Parson:

Tarrence is proud of the three wonderful kids; he got married to the  Sherese. The NFL rising star’s success in professional sports shows how important family support and guidance are. His dad has been a key figure, helping Micah from when he first started playing football and getting involved in the wider NFL world.

Terrence Parson Sr is the husband of Sherese Parsons.

Terrence Parson Sr is the husband of Sherese Parsons. Image Credit: Pennlive.com.

Terrence’s role in the 2022 OMBI NFL Draft Luncheon in Las Vegas is especially notable. This event is a chance for parents of NFL Draft hopefuls to meet and learn from those who have been there before. Terrence spoke there, sharing his experiences not just as a parent but as someone who knows the sports world.

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The support from Stacy Elliott, Ezekiel Elliott’s dad, represents the strong community among NFL players’ parents. Terrence is thankful for Stacy’s advice and keen to pass on his lessons to other sports families, showing the teamwork needed in the sports career journey.

Sherese Parson Children:

Also, being the youngest, Micah has gained a lot from his older brother and sister, Terrence Jr. and Shatara. Terrence Jr. has been like a coach to him, teaching him important qualities like toughness and never giving up, which are important in sports. Shatara Parson, who played basketball in college, showed him what hard work and dedication look like in sports.

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Together, the experiences they’ve shared in sports have made their family a great team, and this has been crucial in helping Micah become a strong and confident professional athlete.

About Micah Parson:

Parsons, born May 26, 1999, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, attended Central Dauphin High School and later Harrisburg High School, playing both defence and offence in football.

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In his first high school year, he made 121 tackles and 18.5 sacks. By his third year, he achieved 69 tackles and 13.5 sacks.

Th famous NFL, Micah Parson is holding The 2019 Butkus Award trophy.

The famous NFL, Micah Parson, is holding The 2019 Butkus Award trophy. Image Credit. Instagram.

During his senior year, he rushed for 1,239 yards with 27 touchdowns, ranking high in the state, and also scored two touchdowns from 99 receiving yards. Defensively, he notched 55 tackles, more than 10 sacks, and one interception. He was also a basketball player.

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Top colleges took notice of Parsons, a high school football standout ranked fourth by 247Sports.com and seventh by ESPN. Ohio State University stopped recruiting him due to a rule violation involving a photo with ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

Penn State offered him a scholarship early in his high school career. He initially accepted in 2016, reconsidered, and then re-committed in late 2017. He graduated high school early to start college sooner.

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About Tarrence Parsons Jr:

Terrence Parsons Jr. was born on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1995. As he grew up, Terrence Jr. became interested in sports, especially football. He played football seriously and with a lot of heart. At Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, he was a key player on the Bulldogs football team, showing off his skills in the game.

Terrence Jr Parsons is the First son of Sherese Parsons.

Terrence Jr Parsons is the First son of Sherese Parsons. Image Credit: Instagram.

After finishing college, Terrence Jr. turned his love for football and his competitive nature into a career in professional gaming. This is a field that’s become very popular lately. He mainly plays and streams Madden NFL 24, a well-known video game that’s all about American football, just like the NFL.

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About Shatara Parsons:

Shatara Parsons, born in August 1996, has always loved playing basketball. Her skill in the game took her to California University of Pennsylvania. There, she did well in her classes and was a key player on the university basketball team.

Shatara Parson is a basketballer, who plays in the Women's Basketball - California University of Pennsylvania Athletics.

Shatara Parson is a basketballer who plays in the Women’s Basketball – California University of Pennsylvania Athletics. Image Credit: Calvulcans.

In 2018, after getting her degree, Shatara started working in a job that helps the community and young people. She joined the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), which is all about helping young people succeed.

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At the YMCA, Shatara works with young people as a mentor and supporter. She enjoys this job because she gets to make a positive difference in young people’s lives. She helps them by giving advice, support, and encouragement, making them feel more confident and strong. Being good at basketball helps her connect with and inspire the young people she works with.

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