Tyler Herro Girlfriend – Top Facts about Katya Elise Henry

Katya Elise Henry, known as an internet personality and fitness guru and for her relationship with Tyler Herro, was born on June 14, 1994. As a Gemini, she is of mixed heritage, including Russian, African American, Native American (specifically Sioux and Potawatomi tribes), and Swedish descent.

Furthermore, the NBA star Tyler makes his home in Miami, Florida, with his family. He is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his beautiful girlfriend, Katya Elise Henry, and their one-year-old daughter, Zya Elise. Tyler and Henry began their relationship in March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown and have since maintained a strong and affectionate bond.

Photograph of Katya Elise Henry look so young and beautiful with her amazing outfit.

The photograph of Katya Elise Henry looks so young and beautiful in her amazing outfit. Image Credit: sportslulu, Instagram.

More Facts about Katya Elise Henry:

In June 2021, the couple shared the news of expecting their first child, and in September, they joyfully welcomed their daughter Zya into the world.

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On June 18, 2022, Katya excitedly revealed her second pregnancy, with the couple anticipating the arrival of their next child in January 2023. She expressed her surprise and joy in a social media post, noting, “Can’t believe there’s a boy in here.”

This announcement was made shortly after the Miami Heat shooting guard, Tyler Herro, expressed his deep affection for Katya in a heartfelt birthday message. Katya, a Minneapolis native, is well-known as an Instagram model, influencer, and fitness guru, boasting a significant following of 7.8 million on her Instagram account @katyaelisehenry.

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Indeed, her commitment to upholding a healthy lifestyle and strict exercise routine has contributed to her impressive physique. This is complemented by her natural beauty and the perfect tan she’s acquired under the warm Miami sun, where she currently lives with her partner, Tyler and their daughter, Zya.

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