Tyler Herro Father – Top Facts about Chris Herro

Chris Herro, born on July 11, 1968, is widely recognized as the father of basketball player Tyler Herro. With a diverse ethnic background, Chris himself displayed his basketball talent during his time at Nathan Hale High School in Milwaukee. As reported by the Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader, Herro received scholarship offers from Florida State and Saint Louis.

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However, his athletic trajectory changed when he endured during his senior year; he experienced a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament. The early part of his senior year, also the week of his senior year’s practice, as noted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. His social media profile also highlights his service as a Navy veteran.

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Currently, Chris Herro runs his own home service business, Superior Disposal. As per the Journal-Sentinel, he works as a roofing and concrete contractor in the summer months and operates as a snow plow driver during the winter.

Furthermore, Chris (whose son makes statements in the NBA) got married to his lovely wife, Jen Herro, and the couple has been married for over 23 years; moreover, after several years of dating since their initial meeting in college, they got married in 1999. Both previously active as athletes, the couple celebrated their 23rd anniversary in 2022.

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In addition, Chris and Jennifer are parents to three sons, all of whom are professional basketball players. Tyler, the eldest, is followed by his brothers Myles and Austin.

Image of Chris Herro and his wife, both looking adorable as a couple.

Image of Chris Herro and his wife, both looking adorable as a couple. Image Credit: sportslulu.

In Tyler’s life and career, his father, Chris, has been a pivotal figure. Chris not only introduced Tyler to basketball but also mentored him in developing the right mindset and approach to the game. Chris believed in fostering a sense of boldness in Tyler to excel at high-level basketball, convinced that such audacity is essential for on-court success.

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Despite occasional tensions and disagreements between father and son, Tyler holds deep love and respect for his father. Their bond remains strong, and Chris has always known how to provide support and comfort to Tyler.

As a matter of fact, Tyler’s mother, Jen, has spoken occasionally about the father-son dynamic, expressing her view that Chris sometimes pushed Tyler too hard in training during his early years.

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Jen consistently supports Tyler, offering encouragement and backing him in his endeavors. She provides the emotional backbone of support, contrasting with Chris’s emphasis on instilling a competitive drive and passion for victory in their son.

Tyler Brother Austin and Myles:

Tyler’s younger brothers, Austin and Myles, are also engaged in playing basketball.

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Both are aspiring to emulate Tyler’s successful path, aiming to achieve equal or greater success in the sport. Tyler might just be one of several in his family to attain notable success in basketball. With ambitions of reaching the highest level of the sport, Austin and Myles have their sights set on carving out careers in the NBA.

Image of Austin and Myles looking charming and stylish.

Image of Austin and Myles looking charming and stylish. Image Credit sportslulu.

Austin Herro Plays For Whitnall High School:

Furthermore, Austin is currently a varsity basketball player at Whitnall High School. He shows great promise to be the next standout player from the Herro family in Wisconsin to reach the NBA. Chris would be immensely proud to see another one of his children join the national league.

Photograph of Austin Herro giving a charming smile with his amazing outfit.

Photograph of Austin Herro giving a charming smile with his amazing outfit. Image Credit: Instagram,

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, Austin, a combo guard, is often compared to his older brother, Miami Heat star Tyler. Their similar playing styles and movements have caught the attention of numerous top NCAA basketball programs, which are closely monitoring his progress.

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Additionally, Austin is quite engaged on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He enjoys a substantial following on Instagram, boasting 66.3K followers across 35 posts. On Twitter, he has also garnered a notable presence, with 1.7K followers.

Myles Herro Plays As A Point Guard:

The youngest sibling in the family, Myles, serves as a point guard for Whitnall High School in Greenfield, WI. Matching Austin in height at 6 feet 2 and weighing 150 lbs, Myles, a sophomore, displays a level of confidence that sets him apart from other players in his league at his young age.

Photo of Myles Herro with an outstanding outfit.

Photo of Myles Herro with an outstanding outfit. Image Credit: Instagram.

However, A video showcasing Myles playing basketball gained significant traction online last year, catapulting him into internet fame. Despite being only in the 8th Grade at the time, he demonstrated a remarkable pull-up game akin to that of his older sibling.

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Myles is gradually making a name for himself and enhancing his reputation through his basketball skills. Consequently, his popularity has surged in the past year. His Instagram account, @mylesherro, has attracted an impressive following of 57.9K followers.

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