Lizzo’s Brother – Top Facts about Mickey Jefferson

Mickey Jefferson, born to his Mum, Shari Johnson-Jefferson and his Dad, the late Michael Jefferson, is famously known as Lizzo’s brother. In other words, he is Melissa Viviane Jefferson’s brother, and Melissa is known professionally as Lizzo. Mickey Jefferson celebrates his birthday every August 3rd, though the specific year he was born is not public knowledge. A pianist by profession, details about his personal relationships remain private.

Let's introduce you to Lizzo's Brother, Mickey Jefferson.

Let’s introduce you to Lizzo’s Brother, Mickey Jefferson.

Besides Vanessa, Lizzo’s family boasts another talent: her brother, Mikey Jefferson. A proficient musician and producer, Mikey plays a significant role in Lizzo’s musical journey. Mikey stands as a crucial support for Lizzo, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.

Mickey Jefferson, pictured alongside his sister, Lizzo.

Mickey Jefferson, pictured alongside his sister, Lizzo.

In 2017, his younger surprised him with a piano as a birthday present, bringing him immense joy. He’s been instrumental in influencing the sound and vibe of many of Lizzo’s hit songs. But Mikey’s expertise isn’t limited to music alone.

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He’s a gifted dancer and is often seen sharing the stage with Lizzo, adding zest to her live shows with his dynamic dance routines. Mikey Jefferson holds the title of the elder sibling to the renowned artist Lizzo.

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