Russell Wilson Children – Top Facts about Future, Princess & Win

Russell Wilson Children – Top Facts about Future, Princess & Win

Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, are the proud parents of their three children who go by the names – a son, Future Zahir Wilburn; a daughter (Sienna Princess Wilson, born on April 29, 2017); and another son, Win Harrison Wilson (born July 23, 2020). Let’s talk about them individually. Let’s take a photo of the parents of these children. Having kids around you is the best gift most parents have.

The parents of Future, Sienna and Wins.

The parents of Future, Sienna, and Wins. Image Credit: Instagram.

Ciara’s first son, Future Zahir.

Before marrying the Seahawks star, she was already a mother to her 9-year-old son from her past relationship with the rapper Future.

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The couple named their son Future Zahir Wilburn after his father. Soon after his birth, they called off their engagement due to rumors about the rapper’s unfaithfulness.

Even though the NFL racer is not Zahir's biological father, he is still excited to be part of his life.

Even though the NFL racer is not Zahir’s biological father, he is still excited to be part of his life. Credit: dangerusswilson/Instagram.

In 2016, Ciara married Wilson, who was excited to become a part of little Future’s life, calling it a blessing and saying Future brightened every morning and night for him.

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With two younger siblings now, Future has shown to be a caring big brother with a generous heart, especially with his youngest sibling, Win. Although he’s the most serene among them, he makes sure they remember he’s the oldest.

He’s even showing signs of following in Wilson’s footsteps, recently displaying his football abilities during practice with a friend. Fortunately, he has a skilled coach to guide him.

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Now, with the family settled in Colorado, where Wilson plays for the Denver Broncos, Future is thriving. He’s been displaying some football talent, with Wilson providing coaching full of attention to detail and technique. Here are Future Zahir Wilburn, Princess, and Win with their Dad, a man who boasts of plenty of NFL accolades.

Ciara and Russell love to take their children out.

Ciara and Russell love to take their children out. Image Credit:

On his sixth birthday, Ciara was proud of how Future was growing up. He loves dancing at events, reading, and learning, and he has a strong faith.

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Future may follow in Ciara’s footsteps in music. He featured on her track “I Got You” and recently recorded “Treat” with her. He’s also quickly learning piano.

Ciara believes Future can achieve anything in music or sports, as she told SheKnows.

Celebrating his ninth birthday, Ciara Wilson highlighted his kindness and intelligence on Instagram. She admires his compassionate nature, role as a brother and son, and spiritual growth. As Future grows, he’s forming his identity, even choosing his hairstyles, showing he’s aware of his individuality.

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Aside from his parent’s love, his grandparents are so proud to be alive to watch their grandson grow.

Rusell and Ciara’s Daughter:

Ciara and Wilson had their first child, a girl named Sienna Princess Wilson, on April 29, 2017, in Los Angeles. They chose her name to echo Ciara’s middle name, Princess. They celebrated her arrival with a photo and a message promising to be her steady support.

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Affectionately called “SiSi,” she quickly became the family’s darling. Ciara shared that having two kids was a handful but a joyful experience.

The little idol took after her mom.

The little idol took after her mom. Image Credit: People.

As Sienna grew, her strong personality showed. Ciara often posts cute photos of them dressed alike on Instagram, highlighting their special bond. With her spirited nature, Sienna loves to dance and has a passion for music. Ciara believes her daughter might make a significant impact in the future and lovingly calls her her “mini-me.”

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Sienna has adapted well to their move to Colorado, enjoying playing with dolls and gymnastics more than winter sports. The family was excited about this new phase. For Halloween 2022, Ciara and Sienna dressed up as the Williams sisters, reenacting their iconic ‘Got Milk?’ ad with matching outfits and milk mustaches.

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Rusell and Ciara’s Son:

Ciara and Wilson welcomed their youngest, Win Harrison Wilson, on July 23, 2020. Wilson always favored Win, and his middle name honors Wilson’s dad, Harrison. Ciara celebrated his birth by singing to him in the hospital, a tradition she also had with Sienna.

The adorable little son, who was named in honor of his grandfather's middle name.

The adorable little son was named in honor of his grandfather’s middle name. Image Credit: Instagram,

Win’s older siblings instantly adored him, encouraging him to walk early at Wilson’s football practices. Ciara explained that Win is learning quickly, trying to keep up with his brother and sister. He’s tall, talkative, and fearless like his sister, and he looks up to his brother Future.

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Ciara has said that Win is full of energy, a trait from his dad, as she noticed even when he was just eight months old.

Now, at two, Win is known for being super sweet, lively, humorous, and bright wherever he goes. Ciara celebrated his second birthday with a heartfelt post about how much joy he brings.

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