Russell Wilson Wife – Top Facts about Ciara Wilson

Ciara Princess Harris (her full name) was born on the 25th day of October 1985 in Fort Hood, Texas, and she is the only child of Jackie and Carlton Clay Harris. As the daughter of a military family, she lived in many places, including Georgia, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Her name was inspired by a perfume called Ciara by Revlon, launched in 1973. Ciara is a sister-in-law to Anna Wilson (Russell’s sister) and Harrison Wilson IV (Russel’s brother). Also, a daughter-in-law to Harrison Wilson III and Tammy T. Wilson. Let’s not forget, her husband was previously married to Ashton Meem.

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She spent her teenage years in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, and went to North Clayton High School, later finishing at Riverdale. As a teenager, Ciara started a girl group called Hearsay with two friends. They made some recordings but eventually went their separate ways due to differences. After the group disbanded, Ciara got a job as a songwriter.

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Ciara Wilson Early Years and Facts:

Behold, Ciara Harris.

Behold, Ciara Harris. Image Credit:, Newsamomama.

After high school in Riverdale, Georgia, the well-known singer signed with LaFace Records in 2003, thanks to Jazze Pha and L.A. Reid. She quickly turned a demo into her hit “Goodies.”

Her “Goodies” album, released in September 2004, earned triple platinum in the U.S. and was also a hit in Canada and the UK. The song “Goodies” was praised for its beat and intelligent lyrics, and singles like “1, 2 Step” and “Oh” were hits worldwide.

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She released a platinum CD/DVD in July 2005, featured on big tracks like “Lose Control,” and won a Grammy for the music video. She also toured with Gwen Stefani and others.

The diva started her music at a very young age with the hope of becoming famous someday.

The diva started her music at a very young age, hoping to become famous someday. Image Credit:

The musical artist’s “Ciara: The Evolution” album, released in December 2006, topped the U.S. charts and went platinum. Her 2006 solo tour and appearances with T.I. and Rihanna in the UK received high praise, and she also ventured into acting with mixed results.

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She became the face of Rocawear in 2007 and signed a significant modelling contract in 2009, although her clothing line didn’t materialize. Ciara continued to shine in advertisements, including those for Adidas by 2010.

She was Billboard’s “Woman of the Year” in 2008. Her 2009 “Fantasy Ride” album was a hit, especially with singles like “Love Sex Magic.” However, her 2010 “Basic Instinct” album saw less success despite the single “Ride” doing well in R&B.

She made her fame in the entertainment world.

She made her fame in the entertainment world. Image credit: Power

After a break-up, she released “Jackie” in 2015 and went on tour. She hosted an awards show in 2016, announced a pregnancy, and signed with Warner Bros. in 2017, releasing “Beauty Marks” in 2019.

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In 2020, she and Russell Wilson started a fashion brand and a production company, released a children’s book in 2021, and Ciara revealed her skincare line. She also judged a Nickelodeon show and made a music comeback in 2020.

About Ciara’s Parents Divorce:

The diva’s family settled in Riverdale, Georgia, during her teens, and life was steady. She didn’t expect her parents, who had been married for 33 years, to split up. This happened around the time she started dating Russell Wilson in early 2015.

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Seeing her parents, Carlton and Jackie, end their marriage shocked Ciara. She thought couples with children stayed together, so their divorce was a harsh lesson.

Meet the parent of the pop star, Jackie and Carlton.

Meet the parents of the pop star, Jackie and Carlton. Image Credit: Newsamomama.

She kept the divorce private until 2019, when she mentioned in an interview that her parents had already remarried others. However, the wife of the NFL player maintains a strong bond with her parents despite their divorce. She considers them a source of joy, reflected in how she interacts with them.

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In addition, the singer has a tight bond with her dad, Carlton Harris, who often showers her with love and fancy gifts, like a helicopter ride for her birthday, and they love dancing together at events.

Ciara Love Life:

In 2013, Ciara was engaged to the rapper Future, and they had a son named Future Zahir in May 2014. She ended the engagement in August 2014 due to Future’s infidelity. Ciara began a relationship with NFL star Russell Wilson in 2015 and engaged in March 2016.

Having a beautiful family has been her greatest joy. Ciara and her family.

Having a beautiful family has been her greatest joy. Ciara and her family. Image Credit:,

They married in July 2016 in an English castle, and Ciara became Mrs Wilson. They had a daughter in April 2017 and a son in July 2020. Ciara revealed on Instagram in August 2023 that they’re expecting their third child. She also mentions her Christian faith.

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Who is Russell Wilson

To begin with, Russell Wilson, the husband of the famous singer, entered the NFL in 2012 with doubts about his height affecting his career. He quickly became a key player for the Seattle Seahawks, leading them to a successful season and winning a Super Bowl in his second year. Over ten seasons, he appeared in nine Pro Bowls, had the highest passer rating in 2015, and the most passing touchdowns in 2017.

Russell Wilson is the husband of the renowned musician, Ciara Harris.

Russell Wilson is the husband of the renowned musician Ciara Harris. Image Credit: Radaonline.

Starting with modest pay, his salary grew, and in 2015, he signed a $87.6 million four-year deal, averaging $21.9 million a year with a large signing bonus and guaranteed money. In 2019, he got a $140 million four-year extension, becoming one of the NFL’s top earners. However, he has been doing great in the Seahawks.

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