Travis Kelce Father – Top Facts about Ed Kelce

Ed Kelce, known primarily as the father of NFL player Travis Kelce, was born on October 10, 1972, in Cleveland, Ohio, and is 52 years old. Professionally, Ed worked in the steel industry before transitioning into a sales role, where he supplied products to various manufacturers. He pursued his education at Ohio State University.

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Ed is the ex-husband of Donna Kelce, who had a prosperous career in the banking sector prior to retirement. Although they are now divorced, Ed and Donna share two sons. Their elder son, Travis Kelce, has gained fame in the NFL and is reportedly in a relationship with Taylor Swift. Their younger son, Jason Kelce, has also carved out a successful career in professional football.

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This summary provides insights into Ed Kelce‘s life, career, and family dynamics, offering a comprehensive view of his personal and professional journey. A photograph of his former spouse, Donna Kelce, is included to enrich Ed Kelce’s life story narrative.

Image showcasing the parents of Travis Kelce, including his mother, Donna Kelce, and his father, Ed Kelce.

Image showcasing the parents of Travis Kelce, including his mother, Donna Kelce, and his father, Ed Kelce. Image Credit: today, usmagazine

Ed Kelce Education:

He pursued his education at Ohio State University. The Ohio State University (OSU) is a renowned public land-grant research university in Columbus, Ohio. Established in 1870 as a part of the University System of Ohio, OSU encompasses sixteen colleges and provides more than 400 degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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The main campus is notable for being the fifth-largest in the United States by enrollment, accommodating nearly 50,000 undergraduate and around 15,000 graduate students. OSU also operates additional regional campuses in Lima, Mansfield, Marion, Newark, and Wooster, broadening its educational impact.

Image depicting Ed Kelce's academic path, emphasizing his tenure at Ohio University.

Image depicting Ed Kelce’s academic path, emphasizing his tenure at Ohio University. Image Credit: hechingerreport

Ed Kelce Wife:

Donna Kelce, born on October 9, 1952, in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, has forged a successful career in the banking sector, drawing on her vast experience. Her academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in communications from Ohio University, obtained in 1981, as detailed on her LinkedIn profile. Following this, she earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University in 1983.

This is a photo of Donna Kelce, Ed Kelce's wife, captured while she is smiling.

This is a photo of Donna Kelce, Ed Kelce’s wife, captured while she is smiling. Image Credit: people

Ed Kelce Net Worth:

Travis Kelce, boasting a prosperous NFL career of over ten years, has accumulated substantial wealth. By 2024, the esteemed tight end’s net worth will be approximately $30 million, with expectations of further increases in the coming seasons.

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Information regarding the financial status of Travis Kelce‘s parents is scarce, rendering an assessment of their overall net worth challenging. Currently, these details have not been made public. Rest assured, we will provide updates on their financial situation as new information becomes available.

Is the marriage of Travis Kelce’s parents still intact?

Ed and Donna Kelce ended their nearly 25-year marriage. The “Kelce” documentary features them speaking candidly about their separation, indicating that they both would have preferred to part ways earlier than they did.

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In the documentary, Ed mentioned, “Separating earlier, which both of us seemed to favor, would have posed considerable challenges, especially in meeting our children’s needs and ensuring their well-being.”

Ed Kelce Ethnicity:

Ed Kelce hails from Cleveland, Ohio, embodying the state’s Midwestern principles and varied terrains as a local. He is of white ethnicity, a classification among several used in the United States for population description and categorization.

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Donna, possessing American nationality, is a resident of the United States, a nation celebrated for its cultural variety and immigration history, enriching the collective identity of its inhabitants. Additionally, his Ohioan background, coupled with his American citizenship, showcases a fusion of regional and national traits that enrich the diverse tapestry of American society.

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Ed Kelce Height:

Ed’s physical presence is marked by his considerable height, standing impressively at 6 feet 1 inch, which translates to roughly 1.85 meters. This stature places him above the average height of men, contributing to a commanding presence that is likely noticeable in various aspects of his life, from social interactions to professional settings.

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His height not only defines his physical appearance but may also influence how he is perceived by others, potentially lending an air of authority or prominence.

Did Ed Kelce Play Football?

Ed developed a passion for football during high school, a trait he passed on to his sons, Jason and Travis. However, a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease during a training camp abruptly halted his aspiration to pursue a professional football career, ending his dreams of playing professionally.

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Ed Kelce Children:

Donna Kelce and Ed Kelce are parents to two sons, Travis Kelce, an NFL player, and Jason Kelce, who also has carved out a career in professional football, much like his sibling. We will explore their journeys in more detail.

About Jason Kelce’s:

Born on November 5, 1987, Jason Daniel Kelce plays as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, having been selected in the sixth round of the 2011 draft after playing college football at the University of Cincinnati. Kelce has distinguished himself with notable achievements, including winning a Super Bowl, earning seven Pro Bowl nods, and receiving six first-team All-Pro honors, making him one of the most esteemed centers in the history of the NFL.

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Outside of their football careers, Jason and his brother Travis host the “New Heights” podcast, which offers a glimpse into their experiences in professional football, among other subjects.

At Cleveland Heights High School, Jason stood out as a talented running back and linebacker, securing All-Lake Erie League honors on two occasions. His artistic side was also evident at Cleveland Heights, where he played the baritone saxophone in symphonic and jazz bands, showcasing his diverse talents.

Image of Jason Kelce, offspring of Donna and Ed Kelce.

Image of Jason Kelce, offspring of Donna and Ed Kelce. Image Credit: 247sports

About Travis Kelce’s:

Travis Michael Kelce, born October 5, 1989, is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. He was a third-round pick by the Chiefs in the 2013 NFL Draft. He has been crucial in the team’s Super Bowl success wins in LIV, LVII, and LVIII. Before joining the NFL, Kelce played college football at the University of Cincinnati.

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Additionally, Kelce was a two-star recruit, according to, and accepted a scholarship offer from the University of Cincinnati despite having options from Akron, Eastern Michigan, and Miami (OH). During his time at Cincinnati, he played alongside his brother, Jason Kelce, the starting left guard for the Bearcats.

Image of Travis Kelce, looking distinguished in his outfit.

Image of Travis Kelce, looking distinguished in his outfit. Image Credit: instagram/killatrav/

Ed Kelce Job:

Ed was a sales representative in the steel industry, selling various products to manufacturers. He often brought his sons, Jason and Travis, to his job site to instill in them the value of diligent work.

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During these visits, they were equipped with hard hats, boots, and safety glasses for protection. However, the steel industry typically experienced a slowdown during the holiday season. Consequently, Ed would take on a temporary position at a candy store to earn additional income, ensuring he could afford Christmas presents for Jason and Travis.

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