Aaron Rodgers Brother – Top Facts about Luke Rodgers

Luke John Rodgers, born on January 1, 1982 to his parents, Darla and Edward, and famously known as Aaron Rodgers’ brother, is an English retired soccer player who played forward. He was the first child in his family, with his parents, Darla and Edward, always cheering him on. His dad, Edward Wesley Rodgers, was an athlete, and he motivated young Luke to chase his goal of becoming a soccer player.

Meet the parents of the Luke , the owner of the Merch LLC.

Meet the parents of Luke, the owner of the Merch LLC.

Besides his career, he also played a fatherly role to his younger brothers, including Jordan and the well-known NFL player Aaron. The three of them have shared a tight bond since they were kids. The NFL athlete is very skilled at football, and his brothers are successful in their own right.

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Luke Rodger Brother:

Luke, an upcoming brother-in-law to Mallory Edens, has a younger brother named Jordan Edward Rodgers. He was born on the 30th day of August 30, in Chico, California, and grew up with his brothers Luke and Aaron Rodgers, the latter becoming a quarterback for the New York Jets.

Meet the brother, a former footballer. Jordan is the younger brother of Luke and is also a sports athlete, and Aaron is the famous NFL among his siblings.

Meet the brother, a former footballer. Jordan is Luke’s younger brother and is also a sports athlete, and Aaron is the famous NFL among his siblings. Image Credit: Heavy.com.

The eldest son also played football during his college years. He started at Butte Community College in California as a quarterback and then moved to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. The former player didn’t go on to play football professionally like his younger, but he became a successful business owner instead.

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More on Luke Rodgers:

Luke Rodgers is Aaron’s Rodger’s elder brother, who used to play football in college. He was the quarterback for Butte Community College in California before he went to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Luke didn’t become a professional football player like Aaron but made a name for himself in the business world.

Meet Luke and his brother Aaron at a younger age.

Meet Luke and his brother Aaron at a younger age. Image Credit: Instagram.

Furthermore, he also dedicates time to helping others. He’s involved with charities such as The MACC Fund, which fights childhood cancer, and he supports The Boys & Girls Club, an organization that helps young people.

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He started a company called Pro Merch LLC, which sells sports gear and collectibles. Luke’s business has allowed him to work with many sports stars and celebrities.

Luke Rodgers is CEO of Merch LLC.

Luke Rodgers is the CEO of Merch LLC. Image Credit: Domeheader.

His business experience includes working at CrossLayer, Inc. as the Director of Business Development and at GigaMonster Networks in the same role. His company has allowed him to form relationships with various sports figures and famous people.

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These various positions likely gave Luke a good financial foundation. While Aaron has an impressive net worth reported to be around $120 million, Luke’s net worth is also probably quite substantial.

Besides his business and charitable work, Luke was involved in podcasts, creating and co-hosting the ‘Sports-Related Podcast’ with his younger brother, Jordan, until 2019. He also promoted Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey for a time as a Brand Ambassador.

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Luke Rodgers Marriage:

Luke, the future brother-in-law to Mallory Edens, is married to Aimee. They got married in 2019 at Wathen at a place called Riverwood Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. His brother Jordan Rodgers was the best man at the wedding. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t spotted in any wedding photos, and it’s unknown if he was there. The CEO of  Merch LLC isn’t just doing well at work; he’s also delighted in his personal life.

A wedding photo of Luke and Aimee.

A wedding photo of Luke and Aimee.

As a result, they later had their first child and named their son Jack, which means “God is gracious,” they chose the middle name Jordan after Luke’s brother because they hoped their son would grow up to be generous, kind, and faithful like his uncle Jordan Rodgers.

Behold Luke and Aimee, the parents of Jack.

Behold Luke and Aimee, Jack’s parents.

Both couples enjoy posting sweet photos of their travels across the country on social media, showing how much they want each other’s company. They also bought a house together in Franklin, Tennessee, in June 2020.

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Aaron Rodgers is likely pleased about Luke’s successes. We all look forward to seeing the Rodgers brothers spending time together in the future, and we’re hopeful that Luke will continue to have a fulfilling life.

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