Juan Soto Brother – Top Facts about Elian Manuel Soto

Elian Manuel Soto is the sibling of Juan Soto, a notable MLB player, and has a sister named Natali Soto. He was born on the 1st day of October 2006 to his parents, Juan Soto Sr. and Belkis Pacheco. Growing up, Elian shared his passion for baseball with his brother Juan, both receiving enthusiastic support from their father, Juan Soto Sr. Inspired by his older brother’s journey in the MLB, Elian secured his first contract with the Nationals in January 2023.

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On January 16, 2023, this left-handed outfielder secured a deal as part of a group of thirteen international free agents, thanks to his signing scout Bolivar Pelletier. This signing occurred on the first day of the 2023 international signing period.

Elian, who shares similarities with his older brother, caught attention early last year. Known for his ability to play both third base and outfield, Elian demonstrates power hitting from the left side. While not considered a top prospect, he is represented by renowned MLB agent Scott Boras.

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Furthermore, Elian Soto (whose brother earned a mega MLB contract) reached the MLB’s minimum age requirement of 17 to sign a contract earlier in 2023. A native of the Dominican Republic, he initially planned to sign with the New York Mets as a foreign free agent. However, he ultimately chose to join the Nationals in January. Despite the Nationals previously trading his older brother, Juan, to the San Diego Padres, Elian will start his professional career with the Nationals, showcasing his own potential as a power hitter.

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According to clutchpoints, Did you know this interesting fact? In 2022, an industry talent evaluator highlighted Elian Soto’s power as his standout skill, noting that his other abilities (hitting, running, arm strength, and defense) were not as highly rated. Despite this, there’s a recognition of the potential that comes with his family background, as well as the significant opportunity for development in such a young player. Adding to this, Blue Jays All-Star Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who himself comes from a remarkable baseball lineage, mentioned to Gomez that at 15 years old, Elian Soto could hit even harder than Juan Soto.

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Throughout most of last year, Elian Soto and his father routinely woke up at 5 AM in their Santo Domingo home for training sessions. They traveled to Centro Olímpico, a large athletic complex in the Dominican capital city, for an hour and a half of agility, strength, and leg exercises.

Photograph of his sister looking so cute

Photograph of his sister looking so cute. Image Credit Instagram eliansoto_10, celebs.infoseemedia

Afterward, they drove 25 miles to Monte Plata, a small rural area about 45 minutes away, to work on baseball skills at PNY Academy. This facility, operated by Mejia, a former Nationals minor-league hitting coach who has worked with Juan Soto throughout his career, is staffed by ex-professional players and coaches.

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Following these intense three to four-hour baseball training sessions, the Sotos returned to Santo Domingo. There, Elian spent a couple more hours lifting weights with the same trainer who conducted his early morning workouts.

The baseball player also has a sister, Natali Soto, who is a professional makeup artist. She used social media to boost her makeup business till 2018. She is the Soto couple’s eldest child.

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