Aaron Rodgers Mother – Top Facts about Darla Leigh Pittman Rodgers

Darla Leigh Pittman was born on January 26, 1958, to her parents – Chuck Pittman (father) and Barbara Blair (mother). She is widely recognized as the mother of Aaron Rodgers, a famous NFL player. Darla was married to Edward Rodgers, and together, they had three sons: Jordan, Luke, and Aaron Rodgers. In addition to her sons, Darla has two daughters-in-law. Aimee is married to Luke, and they have a child. Jordan’s wife is Jojo Fletcher. Now, let’s begin.

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As I write this memoir, Darla Leigh Pittman is a future mother-in-law to Mallory Eden. In 2023, she will celebrate her 65th birthday. Holding American citizenship, she went to California State University (Chico). Edward Rodgers is Darla’s husband.

Meet the parents of Jordan, Edward Wesley Rodgers and Darla and Edward.

Meet the parents of Jordan, Edward Wesley Rodgers, and Darla and Edward. Image Credit: Htowndaily.

Darla Leigh Pittman Parents:

Darla’s father, Charles, passed away suddenly at the age of 87 on May 27, 2016. He was born on the 10th day of November 1928 in Grossmont and was the youngest of Herbert Charles and Anna Marie Pittman’s five kids. He was Barbara Ann Blair’s husband (Darla’s mother) for 65 years, and when he died, his wife was right there with him.

Meet the parents of Darla Leigh Pittman.

Meet the parents of Darla Leigh Pittman. Image Credit: Htowndaily.

The beloved mum of the famous NFL player (the Great Aaron Rodgers), who is the youngest son, went to California State University, where she encountered Edward Wesley Rogers. They were both part of the university’s dance team and shared an athletic streak, a trait passed down to their children.

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More about Darla Leigh Pittman’s Husband:

Do you know she once worked occasionally for the Chico Enterprise-Record as a journalist and managed a chiropractor’s office, too? Darla has always cheered on Aaron in his football journey, encouraging him to chase his ambitions. Darla grew up in Texas before heading over to California, which is where she met her husband, Edward Wesley Rodgers.

Meet Darla husband. Edwards.

Meet Darla’s husband. Edwards. Image Credit: Image Credit: Calebsurburd.

Darla Leigh Pittman Family:

Afterward, Darla Leigh Rodgers and Edward Rodgers have been married for nearly fifty years, having begun their romance in college. Their union, often seeming like a story from a storybook, was solidified when they promised each other a lifetime of togetherness on April 5, 1980. Her eldest is Luke Rodgers.

Darla with her Family.

Darla with her Family. Image Credit: Biography mask.

However, they had a cozy wedding ceremony, and little has been said about it. Together, they have three sons named Luke, Aaron, and Jordan. The family settled in Chico, California, where the kids grew up, after moving from Ukiah.  The two have shared a life filled with affection ever since.

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