Trey Lance Father – Top Facts about Carlton Lance

Carlton Lance, whose wife is Angie Lance and famous for being Trey Lance’s Dad, was born on October 3, 1970. Trey Lance’s Father previously played American football as a cornerback at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Carlton is married to Angie Lance, a teacher by profession. Together, they have two sons, Trey and Bryce Lance, both of whom are involved in sports. The article provides a deeper look into Carlton Lance’s life, including his wife, Angie Lance. Behold a photograph of Trey Lance’s parents. Let’s explore further.

Introducing Carlton and Angie Lance, the parents of Trey and Bryce Lance.

Introducing Carlton and Angie Lance, the parents of Trey and Bryce Lance. Image Credit: sportskeeda.

Carlton Lance Wife:

Introducing Angie Lance, Carlton’s wife and a key support figure in their family. Let’s take a closer look at the story of a woman whose celebrity son was once viewed as Dak Prescott Backup.

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About Trey Lance’s Mother – Angie Lance:

Angie Lance, Trey Lance’s mother, is a dedicated American teacher with a decade of experience. Her nurturing nature has been a cornerstone for her family. During Carlton’s football travels, Angie maintained a strong long-distance relationship with him.

Photograph showing Trey Lance alongside his mother, Angie Lance.

Photograph showing Trey Lance alongside his mother, Angie Lance.

A key influence in Trey’s career, Angie emphasized the importance of seeing football as more than just a pastime but as a lifelong commitment. Her guidance was instrumental in Trey’s journey to the NFL. Angie, alongside Carlton, focused on raising their children to be faithful, healthy, happy, and kind individuals.

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Known for her unconditional support, Angie balanced Carlton’s strict and realistic approach to parenting with comforting and encouraging words for their children.

Carlton Lance Education:

Photograph showcasing the high school and university that Carlton Lance attended.

Photograph showcasing the high school and university that Carlton Lance attended. Image Credit: campuslife, leeschools

He went to Riverdale High School in Fort Myers, Florida, and later attended Southwest Minnesota State University. There, he played on the university’s football team for four years, from 1988 to 1991.

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Riverdale High School in Fort Myers, Florida, is part of the Lee County school system. Initially, it operated at what is now Dunbar High School for about two years during the construction of its current location.

Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU), located in Marshall, Minnesota, is a public institution within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. The university enrolls around 8,700 students and has a faculty of 148 members.

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Carlton Lance Religion:

The family comes from a Christian background, regularly attending church to worship. Carlton’s son, Trey Lance, notably embraced his faith, becoming a leader in the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at his high school.

Carlton Lance Children:

Carlton is the father of Bryce and Trey Lance. Let’s learn more about them.

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About Bryce Lance:

Trey Lance, the quarterback, has a younger brother, Bryce Lance, who is also an accomplished athlete. At Marshall High School, Bryce excelled as a receiver and defensive back in football; in 2019, he received the award for District Co-Defensive Player of the Year.  Additionally, he was a talented basketball player, achieving All-Conference status and leading his team to a section championship in 2020.

Photograph featuring Bryce Lance dressed in an impressive outfit.

Photograph featuring Bryce Lance dressed in an impressive outfit.

Despite his prowess in both sports, Bryce chose to focus on football. He received collegiate offers from South Dakota State, Dartmouth, Princeton, and North Dakota State, ultimately choosing North Dakota State to continue his football journey, much like his brother Trey.

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About Trey Lance:

Meet Trey Lance, the first son of Carlton and a professional NFL player.

Meet Trey Lance, the first son of Carlton and a professional NFL player. Image Credit: Instagram/trey.lance.

Born May 9, 2000, Trey Aubrey Lance is an American football quarterback currently with the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. He played at North Dakota State University, earning the Walter Payton and Jerry Rice Awards in his freshman year and helping win the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship.

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Initially picked by the San Francisco 49ers as the third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, he was traded to the Cowboys after two seasons due to limited playing time and injuries. Furthermore, the NFL star is in a relationship with Brynn Chandler.

Carlton Lance Career:

Trey Lance’s Father, with his background in football, notably trained his son, Trey Lance, instilling a work ethic that contributed to Trey becoming a top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Carlton, a hall-of-famer at Southwest Minnesota State, played as a cornerback there before progressing to professional leagues.

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He competed in the Canadian Football League with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and in the World League of American Football for the London Monarchs, continually encouraging Trey to train rigorously and offering him guidance through high school.

Additionally, Carlton was part of a 4×100 meter relay team at SMSU in 1991, setting a record with a time of 42.7 seconds. His professional football career spanned two seasons, with one each in the CFL and WLAF. Currently, Carlton is a businessman running an equipment finance company, Hampton Ridge Financial, which he founded over a decade ago.

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About Hampton Ridge Financial:

Hampton Ridge Financial offers equipment leasing and financing solutions across all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Carlton Lance, a founding partner of the firm, brings over 19 years of industry experience, including 13 years at Hampton Ridge Financial.


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