Micah Parsons Sister – Top Facts about Shatara Parsons

Shatara Parsons, famously known as Micah Parsons Sister, was born in August 1996 to her parents –  Terrence Parsons (father) and Sherese Parsons (mother). Shatara grew up alongside her brothers, Micah and Terrence Parsons Jr.. She loves sports, especially basketball. Her talent in basketball took her to the California University of Pennsylvania. There, she did well in her studies and played basketball for the university team, showing great skill and hard work.

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After graduating in 2018, the Basketball Champion started working in a role that helps the community and young people. She joined the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), which is known for helping young people grow and succeed.

Introducing Shatara Parsons.

Introducing Shatara Parsons.

At the YMCA, Shatara works as a youth mentor and advocate. This job is important to her because it lets her help young people. She gives them advice, supports them, and helps them feel confident and strong. Her experience as a basketball player is useful in this job, as it helps her relate to and encourage the young people she works with.

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Shatara’s move from being a college basketball player to working at the YMCA shows her commitment to growing personally and helping others. She’s focused on making a difference in young people’s lives, using what she’s learned in sports and school to motivate and guide them.

Shatara’s Father (Terrence Parson Sr.):

Terrence Parsons Sr., born in November 1973, really loves football. He studied it at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and then joined the U.S. military. After his military service, he became a football coach at Harrisburg District School, where he helped young players get better at the sport.

Terrence Parsons Sr. is the father of Shatara Parsons.

Terrence Parsons Sr. is the father of Shatara Parsons. Image Credit: Pennlive.

He also started The Parsons Foundation to help kids, especially with education and sports. This shows he likes to help others. Plus, he’s a great dad and very proud of his three kids, including his son Micah, who plays in the NFL. Terrence and his wife, Sherese, have made a strong family.

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He also shared his knowledge with other NFL parents at the 2022 OMBI NFL Draft Luncheon in Las Vegas. This shows he’s not just a supportive dad, but he also knows a lot about sports.

All About Shatara’s Mother (Sherese Parsons):

Sherese Parsons, who came into the world in November 1974, has become widely recognized as the mother of Micah Parsons, an exceptional defensive player and linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL).

Sherese Parsons is the mother of Shatara Parsons

Sherese Parsons is Shatara Parsons’s mother. Image Credit: Twitter.com.

In her professional life, the WNBA Superstar’s mum has made a substantial impact through her involvement with The Parsons Foundation. This charitable organization is dedicated to assisting less fortunate children, aiming to provide them with better opportunities and support in their lives.

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Her role is particularly crucial in the upbringing and nurturing of her daughter, where she stands as an influential figure. Her dedication to her family, especially her daughter, highlights her strength and commitment as a mother.

All about Micah:

Parsons was born on May 26, 1999, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He first went to Central Dauphin High School, then Harrisburg High School, where he played football, both on defense and as a running back. In his first year of high school, he was really good, making 121 tackles and getting 18.5 sacks. By his third year, he had 69 tackles and 13.5 sacks.

Shatara is the sister Micah Parson.

Shatara is the sister of Micah Parson. Image Credit: ABC27.

During his last year in high school, he achieved 1,239 rushing yards and scored 27 touchdowns, an impressive feat in the state. Additionally, he received passes totaling 99 yards and added two more touchdowns. Defensively, he recorded 55 tackles, achieved more than ten sacks, and secured one interception. He was also active in playing basketball.

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Many big colleges noticed him because he was so good at football. Ohio State University had to stop trying to recruit him because of a rule issue.

Penn State gave him a scholarship offer early in high school. He accepted it in 2016, changed his mind, but then said yes again at the end of 2017. He finished high school early to go to college sooner.

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