J.J. Watt Father – Top Facts about John Watt

John Watt, best known as the father of NFL player J.J. Watt, works for the Pewaukee Fire Department. Additionally, he is married to Connie Watt, and together, they have raised three sons: T.J., Derek, and the notably famous J.J., all of whom have pursued careers in the NFL. This article will provide a complete insight into John Watts’s story. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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John Watt, the father of the former NFL player, dedicated 28 years of his life to the Pewaukee Fire Department. Working often in 24-hour shifts, he balanced his demanding job with quality family time, cherishing his days off with his wife and three children. Here is a photo of John and his wife, Connie.

A photo of the parents of JJ Watts. John and Connie.

A photo of the parents of JJ Watts. John and Connie. Image Credit: Heavy.

Balancing a career and fatherhood is no small feat; however, John requires patience, understanding, and the ability to prioritize effectively. The father of the NFL stars has demonstrated admirable dedication and commitment to his family. He is a role model, showing strength, love, and resilience.

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His wife, Connie Watts, an artist with indigenous heritage, lives in West Vancouver and has degrees in Fine Arts and Interior Design. She has been a support to the Fireman and also to her three sons.

A photo of John and his son holding a helmet.

A photo of John and his son holding a helmet. Image Credit: Calebseek.

J.J.’s father wasn’t just a firefighter and a devoted sports coach to his sons. From the NFL athlete’s fifth grade through high school, he coached their football teams, instilling a solid work ethic and the importance of striving for excellence in academics and sports.

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John and Connie Watt are among the rare parents who can boast not just one but three children playing professional football. They are the proud parents of J.J. Watt, the All-Universe defensive lineman for the Houston Texans, T.J. Watt, the All-Pro linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Derek Watt, the fullback also playing for the Steelers.

Meet John Watt's Family.

Meet John Watt’s Family.

John’s approach to coaching and parenting was encapsulated in his belief: “I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I always expect you to try to be perfect.” This philosophy left a lasting impact on J.J., who, as he grew older, understood and deeply respected the risks his father took daily in his firefighting role, risking his life to save others.

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The athlete’s admiration for his father grew further when he experienced a day in his dad’s firefighting shoes, leading to a profound appreciation for John’s hard work and dedication. This admiration was echoed in a report by Bleacher Report, highlighting the influence of John’s career on J.J.’s perspective.

In addition to football, John’s athletic background included hockey, which inspired J.J. and his brothers to play the sport in their youth, broadening their athletic experiences.

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