Patrick Mahomes Brother – Top Facts about Jackson Mahomes

Jackson Mahomes, known famously as Patrick Mahomes’s brother, was born to his parents, Pat Mahomes (Dad) and Randi Mahomes (Mum). Patrick’s younger brother has a great social media influence and a huge fan base on TikTok, thanks to his famous brother and his close relationship with his sister-in-law, Brittany Mahomes.

This has made him well-known at many NFL games. Pat’s brother, Jackson Mahomes, arrived in the world on the 15th day of May 2000 in Tyler, Texas, to Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin. This means he’s about five years younger than Patrick. Jackson got a marketing degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, in 2022.

Meet his parents, who loved him both dearly. Pat and Randi. 

Meet his parents, who loved him both dearly. Pat and Randi. Image Credit: essentially sport.

However, he’s active primarily online now. He has many followers: over a million on TikTok, 247,000 on Instagram, 35,000 on  Twitter, and around 25,000 on YouTube. His TikTok profile says: “Sup, I get Bullied a lot, but I’m still here”.

Jack is known as a social media influencer.

Jack is known as a social media influencer. Image Credit: in theknow.

More facts about Jackson Mahomes:

A famous Jackson mainly posts about attending Chiefs games and supporting his brother. He gives fans a peek into his life, like what he wears on game days and his time on the field, showing how close he is to Patrick.

The NFL athlete Patrick Mahomes is his Older brother.

The NFL athlete Patrick Mahomes is his Older brother. Image Credit: bolavip.

He finished his studies at the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2022 and dived into the social media world. On YouTube, he said he’d like to work in marketing and help influencers connect with brands. Jackson has also worked with many brands online.

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In 2020, he started selling products named “Jackson from TikTok.” He felt it was a way to be known for himself, not just as Patrick’s brother. After a Chiefs win. According to KMBC.COM a video showed Jackson possibly kissing Aspen Vaugh, a Kansas City restaurant owner, without her wanting it. This led to his arrest, but he was later released on bail.

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With a court date coming up, Jackson took a break from posting online. But when the 2023 NFL season started, he was back on Instagram and TikTok.

Finally, Jackson Mahomes is a member of our Taurus Celeb Kin tag archive. Similarly, Patrick Mahomes’ Brother is a bona fide part of ParentsFamilyBio’s Kin Connect for American Football Players.

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