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Patrick Lavon Mahomes, born on August 9, 1970, is a former pitcher in American professional baseball. Originating from Texas, he was raised as one of three children. His father was on the payroll of a regional oil company and dedicated time to coaching Mahomes’ junior baseball squad.

Meet the father of Ballplayer.

Meet Pat Mohomes’ father, who is Patrick Mahomes’ Grandfather. Image Credit: Instagram.

The pitcher comes from a mixed heritage in the U.S. His dad is Black (from African ancestry), and his mom is White. His mother, a nurse by trade, had to abandon her profession when Mahomes reached the age of seven after sustaining injuries in an automotive collision that necessitated the use of a wheelchair for her to get around.

Behold his mother. She has always supported him in his career.

Behold Pat Mohomes’ mother. She has always supported him in his career. Image Credit: Instagram.

While attending Lindale High School in Texas, Mahomes distinguished himself as a dedicated sportsman, playing baseball, football, and basketball, and as a scholar. His commitment to competition was intense; it was common for him to express his aversion to losing by crying or abstaining from food and conversation.

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Not just athletically inclined, he also shone academically, becoming a member of the National Honor Society and achieving the second-top grades in his final year.


Despite being relatively short for a high school athlete at 5 feet 9 inches in his junior year, Mahomes excelled, securing all-state accolades as a football quarterback and maintaining a hefty 30-point average in basketball.

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Thus, his talent extended to the baseball field, where he showcased his skills as both a pitcher and a shortstop. Multiple universities recognized his athletic abilities, boasting scholarships for all three sports.


Yet, it was the prospect of playing baseball with a scholarship at the University of Arkansas, with the added possibility of walking onto the basketball team, that truly appealed to him.

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The baseball pitcher was picked in the 1988 draft’s sixth round and promptly began his pro career in the starting pitcher role for the Elizabethton Twins. Climbing the ladder within the Minnesota Twins’ minor league system, by 1991, he had made it to the Triple-A level, taking the mound for the Portland Beavers.

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More about Patrick Mahomes Father:

In 1992, Mahomes launched his MLB career with the Minnesota Twins after securing a position during the spring training. His tenure with the Twins lasted until they released him in 1996.

The #20 Twins jersey.

The #20 Twins jersey. Image Credit:

He then signed with the Boston Red Sox, where he pitched for one season before they released him in 1997. Following his MLB career, Mahomes took his talents to Japan, joining the Yokohama BayStars in the Nippon Professional Baseball League and playing with them for the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

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Initially, in December 1998, Patrick Mahomes began his tenure with the New York Mets, where he impressively went 8-0 in the 1999-2000 season over 39 games as a reliever. Consequently, the Mets entered the playoffs as a wild card, triumphed in the National League Championship against the Braves, yet ultimately fell to the Yankees in the World Series.

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Subsequently, the following season, Mahomes maintained his form, participating in 53 games and recording a 5-3 win-loss record. Despite their efforts, the Mets again faced the Yankees in the World Series and were defeated.

Afterwards, in 2001, Mahomes transitioned to the Texas Rangers for a 56-game stretch before transitioning to free agency. Following that, in 2002, he had a short stint with the Chicago Cubs, contributing to 16 games. Then, in January 2003, he moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates, making nine appearances, which signified his final season in the MLB.

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However, the ballplayer extended his baseball career in the minor leagues from 2004 to 2009, playing for teams like the Edmonton Trappers, Albuquerque Isotopes, Nashville Sounds, Las Vegas 51s, Long Island Ducks, the then-named Syracuse Chiefs, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, and Sioux Falls Canaries.

Patrick Mahomes’ parents got married to Randi Mahomes in the ’90s and had two boys. Their first son, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, born on September 17, 1995, became famous as a football quarterback. Patrick is married to Brittany Lynne Mahomes.

Meet the wife of the baseball pitcher, Randi Mahomes.

Meet the wife of the baseball pitcher, Randi Mahomes. Image Credit:

Their second son, Jackson Mahomes, born on May 15, 2000, became known on social media, especially for making videos on TikTok.

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Following the separation, Randi entered a new partnership, during which she had a daughter. They named her Mia Randall, born on July 12, 2011.

Even so, Pat and Randi are their son’s biggest fans. Pat sticks to his lucky charm by wearing the same clothes for his son’s games, while Randi has proudly spoken about her son’s achievements on FOX4.

The NFL athlete who has the same name as his father. Meet Patrick Mahomes II.

The NFL athlete has the same name as his father. Meet Patrick Mahomes II. Image Credit: Instagram.

Presently, all eyes are on the younger Mahomes as he aims for another title, yet he isn’t the sole pro athlete in the clan. His father’s athletic career profoundly impacted him, instilling a love for baseball from a young age. The rest may be history, as they say.

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