Franz Wagner Mother – Top Facts about Beate Wagner

Beate Wagner, the mother of basketball player Franz Wagner, has played a significant role in his development as an athlete. A freelance medical writer by profession, she, along with her husband, invested substantial time and effort to ensure Franz possessed the qualities necessary to succeed in the NBA, like his older brother.

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Recognizing the importance of education in tandem with sports, she sent Franz to the University of Michigan, where his brother had previously studied.

Beate’s dedication to her sons’ careers extends beyond just nurturing their talents. She has often been seen cheering for Franz during his matches. Her Twitter account indicates her medical background, reflecting her professional achievements outside of her role as a supportive sports parent. Additionally, she has two sons, Moritz Wagner and Franz Wagner, both of whom are NBA players. Behold the mum of the Orlando Magic Two-Way Star.

Lovely photo of Beate Wagner with her son look amazing.

Lovely photo of Beate Wagner with her son look amazing. Image Credit: sportskeeda

Originally from Berlin, Germany, Beate has traveled extensively to be part of her sons’ lives. This commitment included spending time in the United States when Franz was preparing for the draft and then returning to Germany, only to come back to the U.S. again. Her journey illustrates a deep commitment to supporting her sons’ aspirations. She describes having homes both in Berlin and the United States as a dream come true, highlighting her willingness to bridge the geographical divide to be with her family​.

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Beate Wagner Hubby- Axel Schulz:

Axel Schulz, the father of Franz Wagner, was previously a handball player in Germany. He and his wife were instrumental in nurturing the athletic abilities of their children. Prioritizing the development of Franz’s basketball career to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, Axel dedicated considerable time to him. In 2021, he joined his wife and son at the NBA Draft, demonstrating his ongoing support for Franz’s professional journey.

Photograph of Axel Schultz Looking so wonderful.

Photograph of Axel Schultz Looking so wonderful. Image Credit: sportskeeda

Axel Schulz is known for being a nurturing and supportive father. He prioritizes his family’s well-being, ensuring their needs are met and that the home environment is stable and positive. Additionally, he is recognized for his kindness and empathy, particularly in difficult situations. A firm believer in fair and consistent discipline, Axel focuses on imparting lessons about responsibility and understanding the consequences of actions to his children. His approach to fatherhood emphasizes both care and guidance.

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Beate Wagner Second son Moritz Wagner:

Wagner is the younger brother of NBA player Moritz Wagner, who plays for Orlando Magic. The siblings, who are teammates, also live together. Moritz, older by four years, was born on April 26, 1997, while Franz was born on August 27, 2001.

Franz was inspired by Moritz, the first in their family to move to the States for sports. Both began their careers at Alba Berlin before moving to the University of Michigan. Franz joined Michigan not just to follow Moritz but to carve his own path.

Lovely photo of him having fun with his brother and his mum.

Lovely photo of him having fun with his brother and his mum. Image Credit: celebseek.

Both play for the Orlando Magic in different positions. Moritz, at 25, is a power forward and has a more extensive experience, having been drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2018 NBA draft and playing for the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics before joining the Magic in 2021.

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Wagner initially caught the attention of the University of Michigan’s head coach, John Beilein, in 2014. This introduction was facilitated through an email from a coaching contact in Germany. Additionally, Wagner proactively sent a self-created highlight video to Beilein.

Consequently, Beilein traveled to Berlin for Wagner’s recruitment. In April 2015, Wagner made the decision to join the University of Michigan and become a part of the Michigan Wolverines, thus choosing college over a professional playing opportunity.

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