Russell Wilson Mother – Top Facts about Tammy T. Wilson

Tammy T. Wilson, who is the mother of NFL star Russell Wilson, was born in 1954 to Alexander Brooks Jackson, making him Russell’s maternal grandfather. She is married to Harrison Wilson III, a former NFL player. Together, Tammy and Harrison have three children: Russell, Harrison IV, and Anna Wilson, forming a close-knit family. This article tells you more about Tammy T. Wilson, the mother of the famous NFL star Rusell Wilson. Also, she is a mother-in-law to both Ciara Wilson and Ashton Meem (married to her son from 2012 to 2014). Now, let’s begin.

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Tammy T. Wilson Education:

Russell Wilson’s only living parent is his mother, Tammy T. Wilson, the daughter of A.B. Jackson, a well-known American painter and university professor. Tammy, born in 1954, earned a Master’s in education counseling psychology from Xavier University in 1983.

She initially completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSRN) at the University of Cincinnati. Thirty years later, she furthered her education by obtaining a Master’s in Health Administration from Ohio University.

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In the early 1980s, the wife of the quarterback began her nursing career at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. Two years later, she relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where she took on the role of assistant clinical director of nursing at popular Henrico Doctors Hospital.

Behold The mother of Harrison IV, Russell and Anna.

Behold, The mother of Harrison IV, Russell, and Anna. Image Credit: Biography mask.

Tammy T. Wilson Career:

Furthermore, the nurse whose son once refused a contract change worked at Henrico for four years before moving to a health insurance company, BCBS, working in care management and utilization review starting in November 1995. She spent almost 12 years there, eventually becoming a manager of care management, a position she held for four more years until she left in 2012.

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After working in the health insurance sector, she joined the University of Virginia Medical Center as a manager from September 2012 to September 2015. The following year, she found a role at the University of Washington as the director of patient outreach and care management.

Tammy became a satisfied nurse.

Tammy became a satisfied nurse. Image Credit:

Tammy T. Wilson Parents:

Alexander Brooks Jackson was a well-known painter born in New Haven, Connecticut, on April 18, 1925, to parents of Black and English descent. He completed his advanced art degrees at Yale University in the 1950s, initially working as a designer before moving into teaching. He progressed in his academic career, eventually becoming the first Black professor at Old Dominion University in 1956. Here is a photo of A.B. Jackson.

Alexander Brooks Jackson is the father of Tammy T. Wilson and also the Maternal grandfather of Russell Wilson.

Alexander Brooks Jackson is the father of Tammy T. Wilson and also the Maternal grandfather of Russell Wilson. Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Jackson’s artwork, inspired by Rembrandt, varied from watercolors and pastels to charcoal and acrylics. He’s famed for his series “The Porch People,” depicting folks on their porches in Ghent, Norfolk. Overcoming racial challenges, he made a name for himself by winning a top prize at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show in 1966 and having his work showcased in a Smithsonian exhibition.

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In 1979, he published “As I See Ghent: A Visual Essay,” sharing his perspective through art. His works are part of collections in several major universities, including the Mint Museum of Art. He died in 1981 at the age of 55 and is also known as the maternal grandfather of football star Russell Wilson.

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Tammy T. Wilson Husband:

There aren’t many details about the romantic relationship of Russell Wilson’s parents, but it’s clear they had a strong bond of love. She married Harrison Wilson III, an athlete at Dartmouth University, where he played football and baseball. He was also one of the few Black athletes at his high school.

Meet the late husband of Tammy.

Meet the late husband of Tammy. Image Credit: Playersaga.

He started the first African-American fraternity at his university. Tammy and he enjoyed a strong marriage until he passed away. Their love saw them through the upbringing of their three children, Harrison IV, Russell, and her last born, Anna Wilson, and they stayed together until 2010 when Russell’s father passed away.

Meet her family. They made her life colorful.

Meet her family. They made her life colorful. Image Credit:, Heightline.

Russell’s dad was diagnosed with diabetes a few years before his death. He bravely fought against the illness, but his condition worsened over time, leading to the amputation of his leg. He also suffered a stroke, which greatly affected his ability to speak and see, and he passed away in June 2010.

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His death deeply affected the family, but they have worked to honor his memory. Russell often shares heartfelt messages about his dad, expressing gratitude for the lessons he taught and the love he gave. In a tribute in 2016, Russell thanked his father for being a great dad and for showing him how to play football.

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Russell Suprise His Mother On Mother’s Days.

Like many others in America, Russell Wilson celebrated Mother’s Day with his mom, Tammy. Unlike most, however, he surprised her with a very expensive gift – he bought her a house.

This was the best gift given to Tammy by her son, the NFL athlete.

This was the best gift given to Tammy by her son, the NFL athlete. Image Credit: Daily Mail.

The Seahawks quarterback handed over the keys to her new home on Sunday. The best part was Tammy couldn’t believe the house was actually for her. Wilson shared a video on Instagram of the moment he gave her the keys, and her reaction was unforgettable.

“It’s your house, open the door,” Wilson tells her. Tammy’s response?

“You’re lying. Are you serious? Are you serious? Are you serious,” she kept asking in disbelief. “No, are you serious? Are all of you serious? For real?” Her reaction was even more heartfelt once she realized the house was hers. “Oh my God, I’m going to pee myself,” she exclaimed.

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