Jalen Green Mother – Top Facts about Bree Purganan

Bree Purganan, mother of NBA star Jalen Green, is a woman of diverse talents and achievements. Hailing from Ilocos Sur in the Philippines, her birth date is somewhat uncertain but is believed to be between 1986 and 1991. Professionally, she is a nurse and entrepreneur, though specific details of her nursing career and affiliations with medical institutions are not available.

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Apart from her professional pursuits, Bree is also recognized for her charitable endeavors. She established Bree’s Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, focusing on raising breast cancer awareness. Bree, of Filipina-American heritage, also has a background in athletics, having played basketball at Merced College.

Photograph of Bree Purganan smiling and her hubby Marcus Green.

Photograph of Bree Purganan smiling and her hubby Marcus Green. Image Credit: cnnphilippines, buzznigeria

Her varied experiences and contributions in both healthcare and philanthropy showcase her as a dedicated and versatile individual. She was also a caring mother who loved to support her children so that they could chase their dreams and become something in life.

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Did you know that Jalen Green’s mother, Bree Purganan, is married to Marcus Green, who is Jalen’s stepfather? Marcus has been instrumental in Jalen’s development and basketball training, playing a key role alongside Bree in guiding him to professional basketball.

Marcus Green maintains a private life, with limited public details about his background, education, or career. He is a former basketball player and once played alongside DeShawn Stevenson. Additionally, Marcus also has a history in football.

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As for Jalen Green’s biological father, there is no publicly available information. However, Jalen is known to have a close relationship with his stepfather, Marcus. Now, there is more to Jalen Green.

In addition to her son Jalen, Bree Purganan has two other children: Raquel Purganan and Jurnee Tyra. Raquel is married to Steve Tucker, and they live in Fresno, California, with their child, Liam, who was born on February 2, 2018. Raquel is an entrepreneur running a business that specializes in custom apparel. Jurnee Tyra, the youngest sibling, was born on February 17, 2011. She resides in California with her parents and enjoys their love and attention.

Beautiful photo of Juan family

Beautiful photo of Juan’s family. Image Credit: instagram.com/jalen

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