Tom Brady Father – Top Facts about Tom Brady Sr

Thomas Brady Sr., born on the 6th day of May 1944, is Tom Brady’s father and Gisele Bundchen’s father-in-law. He is also the father to his three daughters, Julie, Maureen, and Nancy Brady. Brady Sr. has Irish roots through his grandparents, who fled to America during the Irish Great Famine. Notably, Tom Brady’s great-uncle was the first American captured in World War I.

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The old truth rings right in their lives: deep love from someone gives you power, and loving someone deeply brings bravery. This truth lives in Tom Brady Sr. and his wife, Galynn Brady, through their strong marriage. They’ve been a picture of love for many years, and they often celebrated their wedding anniversary together with their family.

A photo of Tom and his wife during their wedding.

A photo of Tom and his wife during their wedding. Image Credit: Instagram.

The CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates has always loved sports, a feeling he shared with his kids and grandkids. There was a time when he had to choose between becoming a priest or playing baseball, a tough choice like the one his son faced later on.

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He, Gisele Bundchen‘s father-in-law, was good at baseball, and the Philadelphia Phillies noticed him. But he was also studying at a religious school for seven years. Something important happened during that time. He got in trouble with another student for listening to a World Series game when they shouldn’t have.

That trouble made Tom Sr. think about what he really wanted. He knew he wanted a normal life with a wife, kids, and the chance to enjoy the World Series. So, he left his religious studies and baseball dreams behind and found success selling insurance.

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However, he started his career in 1968 at New England Life and, after eight years, established his firm, emphasizing personalized service. His aim was to support families with their planning and insurance, treating them with the same dedication as his family.

More on Tom Brady Sr:

He has been the founder of Thomas Brady & Associates in San Mateo, California, for more than 50 years. Tom Sr. now serves as its Chairman, using his extensive experience to guide the company’s growth. He notably expanded the business nationally in 2007 by opening a Boston office.

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While living in San Mateo, California, he married Galynn Patricia Brady on April 19, 1969, and bore four kids, three girls and one boy. They both encouraged a competitive spirit in their children, which Tom clearly inherited. Later, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Meet the co-founder of Thomas Brady & Associates and his family

Meet the co-founder of Thomas Brady & Associates and his family. Image Credit: Instagram.

More so, he’s a dedicated father, always close to his kids. Following their son’s final NFL match, a 31-14 loss to the Cowboys, his parents were there to share a kiss with him on the field before he walked off. His dad remembers how Tom Brady always hated losing in sports, even as a little boy. In 2020, Thomas and his wife got really sick with COVID-19 but got better after some time. He makes sure to see all of Brady’s games.

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According to he has always supported his son’s decision; while the racer was careful talking about Deflategate, his dad spoke freely. He told KRON4 that he doesn’t think NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be on stage with his son. Brady Sr. also said he never tried to fight his son’s battles for him. He just gave Tom support and didn’t try to get involved in his sports career by talking to his coaches.

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