Beyonce’s Sister – Top Facts about Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles was born in lively Houston, Texas,  on June 24, 1986, to her parents, Tina Knowles and Matthew Knowles. As Beyoncé’s younger sister, talent was in her blood as Solange Piaget Knowles was destined for the spotlight. However, Solange had her unique story to tell in the music world.

Meet Solange childhood photo with her elder sister Beyonce

Meet Solange childhood photo with her elder sister, Beyonce. Image Credit: pinimg

From childhood, Solange’s musical passion shone brightly. By five, she performed at amusement parks. At nine, she wrote her songs, and by thirteen, recording dreams filled her mind.

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Destiny played its cards when she was fifteen. Filling in for Destiny’s Child, she showcased her dance skills. A mishap with Kelly Rowland further spotlighted Solange’s adaptability. Managed by Mathew Knowles, her voice echoed in “The Proud Family” and collaborations with prominent artists.

Her albums “Solo Star” and “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams” reflected her vibrant energy. Beyond singing, Solange dabbled in film and modelling and launched the Deréon fashion line. Her path, distinct from Beyoncé’s, showcased her unique artistic flair.

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Rumours in 2003 hinted at Solange joining Destiny’s Child. But as the dust settled, the group remained a trio, with Kelly Rowland deeming Solange a “Solo Star.” Undoubtedly, Solange stood tall, not just as a sibling but as a defining artist in her own right.

According to, Tina Lawson, the mother of renowned artists Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Solange Knowles, shared insights into her parenting techniques, given her success in raising two prominent female artists while also having a career in beauty and fashion.

Meet Solange and her elder sister Beyonce with their both parent.

Meet Solange and her elder sister Beyonce with their parent. Matthew and Tina Knowles. Image Credit: finance.Yahoo

In a discussion with Maria Shriver, Lawson spoke about ensuring both her daughters felt equally loved. Reflecting on her own childhood feelings of being less loved than her brother, Tina dedicated specific days to each daughter, notably setting aside Wednesdays for Solange, whom her elder superstar sister, Beyoncé, often overshadowed.

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Observing some tensions between the siblings, Tina proactively sought counselling to foster sensitivity between them, especially to help Beyoncé understand Solange’s feelings about living in her shadow.

Despite reservations from family members about therapy, Tina believed it was crucial for Beyoncé to comprehend and be protective of Solange’s experiences. The tight bond and confidence seen in the Knowles siblings today can be attributed to Tina Lawson’s attentive and nurturing parenting.

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Solange Knowles’s Ex-husband- Daniel Smith:

 According to Naijanews, Both were teenage sweethearts. After seven years, they married in 2004 and soon moved to Idaho, following the birth of their son for Daniel’s education.

Sadly, their union ended in 2007. Their enduring bond is their son, Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr.. Solange penned “6 O’Clock Blues” for him, a track on her album “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.”

Meet Solange with her ex-husband Daniel Smith with their child

Meet Solange with her ex-husband, Daniel Smith, and their child. Image Credit: Famousfix and

Early marriage and divorce aged Solange swiftly. By 21, she’d experienced marital highs and lows. Post-divorce, she relocated to Los Angeles with her son and later to New Orleans in 2013.

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Despite divorce, Solange and Daniel prioritized co-parenting. They’ve maintained a friendship, ensuring their son’s well-being. In Harper’s Bazaar, Solange praised their successful co-parenting dynamic.

Daniel, briefly in music as ‘Yung Sosa’, released “Trillmatic” in 2008. However, Solange remains private about him, prioritizing their son’s feelings and shielding him from potential parental disputes.

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Solange Knowles’s Husband-Alan Ferguson:

Alan Ferguson is known for his work as an American music video director. Also, he is the son of the late Winifred Hocker Ferguson and William Alfred Ferguson Sr. Alan’s father served in the U.S. Army and later worked as a postal worker.

According to, Solange Knowles revealed a personal shift: her separation from Alan Ferguson.

Sad about Solange and husband Alan Ferguson

Sad about Solange and her husband, Alan Ferguson: Image Credit famous birthdays and xonecole.

The “Seat At The Table” singer usually guards her privacy but felt the need to clarify amid rumors.

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She reflected on two transformative years in an Instagram post with nature portraits. She spoke of listening to her body and confronting her deepest fears.

Since her youth, Solange has lived in the public eye, facing highs and lows. While open, she’s always sought spaces to guard her heart.

Recalling her time with Alan, she reminisced about their decade-long bond. They parted ways earlier this year, emphasizing owning one’s story.

Meet Solange and her husband Alan Ferguson

Meet Solange and her husband, Alan Ferguson. Image Credit: PurePeople.

In conclusion, Solange wished her followers love and light. She reiterated her split from Alan Ferguson, marking the end of their journey together. Matthew Q. Knowles and Lue Helen are Solange’s paternal grandparents. Lumis Albert Beyincé and Agnéz Deréon are her maternal grandparents. Angela Beyonce is her cousin. Lastly, Bianca Lawson remains her half-sister. This is because Solange’s Mum, Tina, is married to her step-dad, Richard Lawson, who is Bianca’s Dad.

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