Lizzo’s Mother – Top Facts about Shari Johnson-Jefferson

Shari Johnson-Jefferson is the mother of famous US celebrity Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo. She was married to the late Michael Jefferson. Lizzo’s mom is an entrepreneur who has been the backbone of the family. She is the mother to Lizo’s siblings, Vanessa and Mickey Jefferson.

Meet Shari Johnson Jefferson, Lizzo's mother.

Meet Shari Johnson Jefferson, Lizzo’s mother. Image Credit:

Therefore, Lizzo’s mum tied the knot with Late Michael Jefferson, who first saw the world on September 29, 1953. A business-minded individual, he harboured a deep appreciation for the sounds of classic rock, especially revelling in the music of Elton John and Queen.

Meet Shari husband and also the father of the talented musician.

Meet Shari, husband and also the father of the talented musician. Image Credit: dailymail.

Let alone, she is a mother who taught her children not to use abusive words in and out of the house. After the death of her husband, Michael Jefferson, she decided to make a move to Los Angeles so that she could be nearer to her kids, and she offered all the support she could give to her children.

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Fans often tell Johnson-Jefferson she’s very cute and say she looks a lot like Lizzo. Also, the young star makes sure to show how thankful she is for her mom’s sweetness, regularly giving her big gifts that she really deserves.

When she lost her dad at 21, it affected her a lot, making her even more focused on showing her mom love and spending good times together. This big change in her life has kept her wanting to make her mom feel super loved and cared for.

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A touching moment occurred on December 20, 2020, when she received an extraordinary Christmas present from her daughter – a brand-new car.

Finally, Shari Johnson-Jefferson is a bona fide part of ParentsFamilyBio’s Kin Connect for Music celebrities.

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