Justin Jefferson’s Brother – Top Facts about Rickey Jefferson

Rickey Jefferson was Born on December 28, 1994, and was a former LSU athlete who played as a wide receiver in high school, similar to Justin. Later, he Switched to play a defensive role as a safety. Ricky Jefferson was born to his parents, Elaine Jefferson and John Earl Jefferson. Pictured below, he is proudly known as Justin Jefferson’s Big Brother.

The older brother of the NFL player, Rickey Jefferson.

The older brother of the NFL player Rickey Jefferson.

The defensive player came to the world as the second born and from a sporty family; his elder brother’s name is Jordan Jefferson, who played at LSU and later became a coach. He has a younger brother named Justine Jefferson, who’s also an athlete; he played for the Minnesota Vikings. Justin is Tianna Harris‘ boyfriend at the time of writing. Both of Rickey’s parents played basketball, and that made him even more committed to the sport.

Meet the receiver's brothers, Jefferson and Jordan.

Meet the receiver’s brothers, Jefferson and Jordan. Image Credit: Instagram.

More about Rickey Jefferson:

According to SBNNATION, Rickey Jefferson, a leading player from Destrehan High School, decided to join the LSU Tigers.

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Being the younger brother of Jordan Jefferson, who used to be LSU’s quarterback, The footballer is super athletic and has earned a rating as a four-star player. He’s in the top 150 players across the country, no matter what position they play.

What makes his joining LSU interesting is the position he’ll play. Many people thought he would be a receiver or a general athlete, but LSU chose him to be a cornerback after seeing him play that position at several summer camps.

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Like many older siblings, Jordan brings knowledge from what he’s been through. Now, the spotlight is on Rickey, with his promising future as a 5-11, 185-pound wide receiver. With the recruiting season getting into full swing, he’s anticipated to be among the top desired players from the Bayou State in the 2013 group.

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Rickey faces a hard choice about college football, with teams like LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Pitt wanting him. He might join his brother at LSU or go somewhere else, knowing his brother won’t be there when he starts.

Hoever, He played 30 games for the Tigers, concluding his collegiate stint with 88 tackles, four interceptions, and eight passes deflected. Unfortunately, injuries limited him during his final year, resulting in participation in just five matches.

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Later, he was not drafted into the NFL in 2013. Signed by the Raiders as an undrafted free agent in 2017. He was signed by the New Orleans Saints to reserve a future contract. An important part of the LSU’s play is how he moves from safety to make strong tackles, helping Tre’Davious White and the whole defence do better.

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Finally, Rickey Jefferson is a member of our Capricorn Kin tag archive. Similarly, Justin Jefferson’s Brother is a bona fide part of ParentsFamilyBio’s Kin Connect for American Football Players.

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