Beyonce’s Father – Top Facts about Matthew Knowles

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father, was born on the 9th day of  January 1952 to his parents, Matthew Q. Knowles and Lue Helen. Knowles, an accomplished American record executive, businessman, and university lecturer, gained widespread recognition as the manager of the renowned musical group Destiny’s Child.

The formal manager once managed the solo careers of his daughters, Beyoncé (Jay-Z‘s wife) and Solange Knowles (ex-wife to Alan Ferguson). Also, he was once married to Tina Knowles, and they have two children together, including Beyonce, a famous music star.

Meet Matthews family with his first wife Tina. Beyonce is at the left followed by her father Matthew, then Solange and their mother at the right. image credit..

Meet Matthew’s family with his first wife, Tina. Beyonce is at the left, followed by her father, Matthew, then Solange and their mother at the right. Image credit: Bossip

Knowles was born in Gadsden, Alabama, to parents Lou Helen Knowles (maiden name Hogue) and Matthew Q. Knowles, who lived from April 4, 1927, to December 30, 1996. He pursued higher education at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, graduating in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

Meet Matthew knowles Beyonces dad

Meet Matthew, Knowles Beyonce’s dad. Image Credit: Instagram/mrmathewknowles

Also, he had a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Furthering his education, Knowles attained an MBA with a focus on Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture from Cornerstone Christian Bible College.

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According to Wikipedia, Knowles entered into matrimony with Tina Knowles in 1980. Their union faced challenges when Tina sought to dissolve their marriage in 2009. Though she paused the proceedings in 2010, she resurrected the divorce process by August 2011, pointing to an insurmountable gap in their relationship.

A photo of Matthew with Gena Avery, the both looks very happy together.

A photo of Matthew with Gena Avery. They both look very happy together. Image Credit: Instagram/mrmathewknowles.

By November 2011, their marriage had officially ended. Charting a new course in his personal life, Knowles exchanged wedding vows with Gena Avery, a former model, on June 30, 2013.

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