Selena Gomez Half-Brother – Top Facts about Marcus Gomez

Marcus Mario Reyes, known as Marcus Gomez, is widely recognized as Selena Gomez’s half-brother. He was born on the 28 of March 2008 to his parents, Sara Gomez (his Mum) and Mario Reyes (his dad).

However, his parents’ relationship ended during his early years, with the specifics surrounding their separation remaining undisclosed.

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The introduction of Marcus Gomez provides valuable insights into his identity and background, particularly in relation to his status as Selena Gomez’s half-brother.

Although Marcus is Selena’s half-brother, his role within their family framework adds a distinctive layer to their dynamics. Examining Marcus’s story provides insight into his relationship with Selena and sheds light on his life journey as a vital part of the Gomez family. Now, let’s delve into the world of Marcus Gomez and his family.

Meet handsome son of Sara Gomez, who is also Selena Gomez's stepbrother Marcus Gomez

Introducing Marcus, Sara Gomez’s son and also a stepbrother to Selena Gomez’s, having a wonderful moment. Image Credit:

About Marcus Gomez’s Father, – Mario Reyes:

Mario Reyes, known to be Marcus’s biological father, tied the knot with Sara in 2007, and their son Marcus was born in 2008. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2010. Since the divorce, information about Mario has become scarce, and it’s unclear if he has remarried.

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Now, people recognize Marcus as Selena Gomez’s step-brother, but we have little information about Mario’s life because he isn’t well-known online or in popular culture.

About Marcus Gomez’s Mother, – Sara Gomez:

Sara Gomez, alternatively identified as Sara Diane Tovar, is Ricardo Joel Gomez‘s current spouse and Mario Reyes’s ex-wife. She is widely known as Selena Gomez’s stepmother. Sara was born in the United States on August 11, 1981, to parents whose names remain undisclosed.

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Throughout her life, Sara Gomez has entered into two marriages. Initially, she married Mario Reyes, Marcus’ biological father, between 2007 and 2010, with Marcus born in 2008. However, their relationship ended in separation, reasons undisclosed.

Here is Sara Gomez the beautiful stepmother of Selena Marie Gomez and also a biological mother of Marcus Gomez.

Presenting Sara Gomez, the stunning stepmother of Selena Marie Gomez and the biological mother of Marcus Gomez. Image Credit:

Later, Sara married Ricardo Gomez, Selena Marie Gomez’s father, in 2012. Together, they had a daughter named Victoria, affectionately known as Tori. This familial structure now designates Marcus as Ricardo’s stepson and Selena Gomez as Sara’s stepdaughter.

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About Marcus Gomez’s Stepfather, – Ricardo Joel Gomez:

Ricardo Joel Gomez, also known as Rick, is best known as Selena Gomez’s father. He entered the world on March 6, 1975, in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA, to his parents, Ricardo Gomez and Mary Gomez. He is currently married to Sara Gomez; he was previously married to Mandy Teefey.

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Rick’s life has been marked by two marriages. Initially, he married Mandy Teefy, a film producer. They decided to marry in 1992 upon learning of Mandy’s pregnancy with their daughter, Selena, when Mandy was just 16 years old.

Despite their unmarried status, they decided to get married because Mandy’s pregnancy was influenced by societal expectations. However, the marriage ended in divorce when Selena was five, with Mandy gaining custody, influenced by societal and legal norms.

Here is Ricardo Joel Gomez with his new family, his stepson Marcus by the left Sara next and Victoria next to her father, all family having a great time together.

Presenting Ricardo Joel Gomez with his beloved family. On the left stands his stepson, Marcus, followed by his wife, Sara. Victoria stands next to her father, completing the joyous family portrait. Image Credit:

After his divorce from Mandy, Gomez married Sara, Marcus’s mother, in 2012. Even though Marcus isn’t Ricardo’s biological child, he is embraced as part of the family. As a result, Marcus now stands as Ricardo’s stepson and Selena Gomez’s stepbrother. In 2014, Sara and Ricardo welcomed Victoria, also known as Tori, who is Selena Gomez’s half-sister and Marcus Gomez’s half-sister. Victoria was born on June 25, 2014.

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About Marcus Gomez’s Stepfather’s – Career:

Rick, primarily involved in construction, prefers leading a private life, steering clear of his daughter’s celebrity spotlight.

Despite his preference for privacy, Rick has ventured into social media, particularly on his Instagram account ‘@wrikster,’ where he shares family moments and celebrates Selena’s accomplishments. His Instagram presence has garnered over 80,000 followers and notable recognition.

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In 2016, Rick expanded his online presence with the launch of a YouTube channel named “Rick Gomez TV.”

On this platform, he shares glimpses of his personal life through vlogs, guest interviews, and interactions with his daughter, Selena.

Beyond his role as Selena’s father, Rick is a thriving businessman and entrepreneur. His ventures in the construction industry, social media, and content creation underscore his diverse skills and business acumen, showcasing his ability to navigate multiple professional realms.

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Marcus Gomez’s – stepsisters:

According to research, Marcus has two sisters from his mother’s side. With that said, In this section of Gomez’s biography, we will talk about his two step-sisters, so without further ado, let’s begin.

About Marcus Gomez’s Youngest stepsister – Victoria Gomez:

Victoria, affectionately called Tori, entered the world on June 25, 2014, as the step-sister of Selena and the biological daughter of Ricardo and Sara Gomez. As of 2023, Tori is nine years old. The connection between Tori and Selena underscores the special bonds within their blended family, showcasing the varied dynamics among its members.

Meet Marcus's step sister Victoria also know as Tori, looking exactly like her dad Ricardo Gomez.

Introducing Victoria, affectionately known as Tori, Marcus’s stepsister, who bears a striking resemblance to her father, Ricardo Gomez. Image Credit:

It’s important to note that while Victoria and Marcus share the same mother, they have different fathers. Ricardo, though not Marcus’s biological father, treats him as his child, underscoring the depth of their familial bond despite their differing parentage.

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About Marcus Gomez’s Oldest Stepsister – Selena Joel Gomez:

Selena Marie Gomez entered the world on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas, marking the beginning of her journey as a multifaceted American entertainer.

Rising to prominence through her early role on “Barney & Friends,” she embarked on a diverse career spanning music, business, and production. At 32 years old, Selena continues to impress with her versatility and entrepreneurial flair.

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The dynamics of Selena’s family, particularly her parents’ divorce, have left an indelible mark on her early years.

Reflecting on this period, she has openly shared the initial struggles and blame she placed on her mother for the family’s separation, a sentiment echoed by many children facing similar familial changes.

Wonderful photo of Selena Gomez, the well known superstar a proud daughter of Mandy Teefey.

A delightful photograph capturing Selena Gomez, the renowned superstar and proud daughter of Mandy Teefey. Image Credit:

Selena and Marcus grew even closer following Selena’s father’s marriage to Sara. Despite not having a biological brother, Selena formed a tight bond with Marcus, like that of siblings, disregarding any differences in their bloodlines.

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Despite the challenges, Selena has worked towards reconciliation and family unity. She has nurtured a bond with her father, actively seeking opportunities to connect with him and his family during holidays and significant events.

This commitment underscores a relationship that has endured and flourished over time, reflecting Selena’s resilience and capacity for growth.

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Marcus Gomez Age:

Marcus Gomez was born on March 28, 2008, to his parents, Sara Gomez (his mother) and Mario Reyes (his father). At the time of writing this article, he is 15 years old. However, he will turn 16 on March 28, 2024.

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