Zion Williamson Father – Top Facts about Lateef Williamson

Lateef Williamson, who is famously known as Zion Williamson’s biological father, briefly played as a defensive end at North Carolina State. He parted ways with Zion and his mother, Sharonda Sampson, when Zion was young.

Zion’s stepfather, Lee Anderson, who once played basketball at Columbus State University, had aspirations for the NBA, but a car accident ended those dreams.

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Anderson, who also ran a youth program, was instrumental in guiding Zion in the early phases of his basketball career. Zion has expressed his affection and regard for both his stepfather and biological father on social media. However, there has been a lack of ongoing communication between Lateef Williamson and his son.

Image of Lateef Williamson enjoying a moment with his son.

Image of Lateef Williamson enjoying a moment with his son. Image Credit: htowndaily

Furthermore, While attending college, the paths of Williamson’s parents intersected, leading to a blossoming romance. In 1997, they chose to marry, embarking on a journey towards a blissful union. Three years into their marriage, they welcomed the arrival of their son, Zion.

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Moreover, the Williamson family moved from Salisbury to Florence, South Carolina, when Zion was only two years old. However, by the time Zion was five, his parents chose to go their separate ways. Although Zion’s biological father departed during his early childhood, he harbors no resentment towards him and is thankful for his role in his life. By the way, Lateef Williamson got married to Sharonda Sampson.

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Lateef Williamson Wife:

Zion Williamson‘s mother, Sharonda Sampson, raised him as a single mother following her separation from her husband, later remarrying Lee Anderson, Zion’s stepfather. During her college years, Sampson was a track athlete and now works as a middle school health and physical education teacher.

Known for her competitive spirit, Sampson instilled similar values in her son and even served as his first basketball coach. Their relationship is marked by a strong bond, with Zion attributing his NBA success to the rigorous training he received from his mother.

Picture of Sharonda Sampson appearing youthful and attractive.

Picture of Sharonda Sampson appearing youthful and attractive. Image Credit: htowndaily

Meanwhile, a significant change occurred in Sampson’s life during her marriage. She eventually remarried, this time to Lee Anderson, an ex-college basketball player. Anderson, known for his time as a point guard at both Clemson and Columbus State in Georgia, shifted his focus to coaching AAU basketball teams after completing his collegiate career.

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Anderson was instrumental in Zion’s development as a basketball player. Recognizing that Williamson wasn’t particularly tall initially, Lee dedicated himself to teaching Zion essential skills, starting his training as a point guard.

Lee Anderson (Stepfather):

After Sharonda’s marriage to Lee Anderson, Zion gained a stepfather who also significantly impacted his basketball journey. Anderson, a former basketball player at Columbus State University, saw his hopes of an NBA career derailed due to a car accident.

This photo shows an older gentleman standing at a podium looking so calm and composed in the background.

This photo shows an older gentleman standing at a podium looking so calm and composed in the background. Image Credit: htowndaily

Nevertheless, he channeled his passion for the sport into coaching and mentoring young players, including Zion. His involvement in a youth program and his role as a coach and mentor to Zion during his formative years were instrumental in developing Zion’s skills and passion for basketball.

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