Ronald Acuna Jr. Cousin – Top Facts about Kelvim Escobar

Born on April 11, 1976, Kelvim José Escobar Bolívar is the cousin to Ronald Acuna Jr., Luisangel Jose Acuna and Bryan Acuna. He is a retired professional baseball pitcher from Venezuela, once an active player for the Toronto Blue Jays between 1997 and 2003.

This was before he moved to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, where he played from 2004 to 2007 and again in 2009. Kelvim achieved 101 wins in his career, which was unfortunately shortened due to shoulder injuries.

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Kelvim Escobar is related as a cousin to not only Ronald Acuna Jr. but also to Luisangel Jose Acuna and Bryan Acuna. José Escobar is Kelvim Escobar’s uncle as well as Ronald Acuna Sr . Again, Kelvim Escobar’s uncle, José, is a father to Edwin Escobar. Edwin Escober is Kelvim’s cousin, and he is also related to Alcides Escobar.

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However, Kelvim José Escobar Bolívar began his professional journey in baseball. His pro journey began when he signed with the Toronto Blue Jays as an amateur free agent in 1992. By 1996, he had emerged as the second-highest-rated prospect in the Florida State League and the fourth-best prospect within the Blue Jays organization. Escobar’s major league debut came on June 29, 1997, when he entered as a relief pitcher and managed to notch 14 saves.

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Meanwhile, over the next five years, he alternated roles between starting and relieving, accumulating a 42–44 record and 40 saves. In 2001, Escobar achieved the second-highest number of single-season saves in Blue Jays history, recording 38 saves. The team solidified his role as a starting pitcher in 2003. That year, he had a pre-All-Star record of 5–6, which improved to 8–3 post-All-Star break, ending the season with a 13–9 record, 159 strikeouts, and a 4.29 ERA.

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Before the 2004 season, Kelvim José Escobar Bolívar inked a three-year contract with the Angels as a free agent valued at $18.75 million. In his first season with the Angels, he was the team’s second starter and posted an 11–12 record with a 3.93 ERA. His 2005 season was marred by injuries, limiting him to just seven starts in 16 game appearances, with a record of 3–2. In 2006, he recorded an 11–14 record with a 3.61 ERA.

Photograph of him having a good time.

Then and now photo of Kelvim José Escobar Bolívar.

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Following this, he secured a three-year deal with the Angels worth $28.5 million. The 2007 season marked a significant high point in his career with the Angels, achieving an 18–7 record and a 3.40 ERA. However, during the 2008 spring training, Escobar suffered a right shoulder injury necessitating surgery that sidelined him for the entire season. He returned briefly in 2009, making just one start.

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Kelvim José Escobar Bolívar joined the New York Mets on December 28, 2009, under a one-year deal. This contract guaranteed him a base salary of $1.25 million, with potential earnings of up to $3 million, dependent on the number of games pitched. Unfortunately, before he could play for the Mets, Escobar sustained a tear in the capsule of his right shoulder, preventing him from participating in any games at the team’s major and minor league levels.

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On January 10, 2013, Escobar, after a strong performance in the Venezuelan Winter League, signed with the Milwaukee Brewers’ minor league. He got an invite to Spring training but was released on March 10, 2013. This came after only one game in the Cactus League and a diagnosis of unimproved nerve impingement in his right hand.

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