Bradley Pitt Sister – Top Facts about Julie Pitt Neal

Julie Pitt Neal was born to her parents, William Alvin Pitt and Jane Etta Pitt, in 1969. She is a sibling to Doug Pitt and Brad Pitt and married to Rob Neal. The union between Julie and Rob Neal gave birth to their children, namely, Cruz Neal, Josie Neal, Rylie Neal, Caden Neal, and Caleb Neal.

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Mrs Julie Pitt Neal is famous for being the younger sister of the acclaimed actor, producer, and philanthropist Brad Pitt. She is also an aunt to Brad’s biological children, Knox Léon and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Let’s not forget that Julie’s paternal grandparents are Clara, Hal, Alvin, and Liz. And Julie’s brother was previously married to Jennifer Aniston.

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Born in 1969 in St. Louis, Missouri, she is the youngest and only daughter of William Alvin Pitt, a trucking company owner, and Jane Etta, a school counselor. Julie grew up with her two brothers, Douglas Mitchell Pitt, and Brad Pitt, and was reportedly cherished as the youngest and only girl in the family.

Photo of Julie Pitt looking young and beautiful

Photo of Julie Pitt looking young and beautiful. Image Credit: firstcuriosity.

Family Life, Occupation (Career) and Net Worth:

Julie is known for her humanitarian work, particularly in Africa. She has been actively involved in providing clean water to communities in Ethiopia, working as a Water Ambassador for WorldServe International. Julie, along with her family, has also contributed to the Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Center, named after their mother. This center, which opened in 2010, has been instrumental in helping children with cancer. Bradley Pitt Sister (Julie Pitt Neal) has a net worth of up to $200,000 and above.

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Julie’s Marriage and Family

Brad’s sister, Julie (a super aunt to Zahara Marley Jolie Pitt), is married to Rob Neal, and they have been together for over two decades. The couple, who lead a life away from the media spotlight, reside in Springfield, Missouri. Together, they have three biological children: Joslyn “Josie,” Rylie, and Caleb Neal.

Photo of Rob Neal and his lovely wife having a good time together

Photo of Rob Neal and his lovely wife having a good time together. Image Credit: Instagram.

Adoption and Family Values

Echoing her brother Brad’s commitment to adoption, Julie and Rob have adopted two boys from Ethiopia, bringing their total number of children to five. Julie has openly discussed the unique challenges and joys of raising a multi-racial family in the United States.

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Julie’s Christian Faith

A devout Christian, Julie’s Instagram profile describes her as a “lover of Jesus,” indicating the deep influence of her faith in her life. She is an active member of her church community and has participated in Christian talk series, including “She Is Fearless.” Her religious beliefs also guide her philanthropic efforts, as seen in her collaboration with World Serve.

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Relationship with Brother Brad Pitt

Despite being the sister of a Hollywood star, Julie maintains a normal, low-profile life. Brad Pitt is noticeably absent from her family photos on social media, suggesting that Julie prefers to keep her family life separate from the glitz of Hollywood. This doesn’t necessarily imply a distant relationship; it might simply be Julie’s choice to focus on her own life and humanitarian work.

Photograph of Julie Pitt and his brother Brad Pitt looking so elegant

Photograph of Julie Pitt and his brother Brad Pitt looking so elegant. Image Credit: dicytrends.

In conclusion, Julie Pitt Neal, a devoted mother and humanitarian, leads a life centered around family, faith, and service. Her efforts in philanthropy, particularly in providing clean water to African communities, and her commitment to raising a loving, multi-racial family reflect her compassionate and nurturing nature. In comparison, she maintains a private life; her contributions and dedication to helping others speak volumes about her character and values.

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