Evan Mobley’s Foster Brother – Top Facts about Johnny Mobley

Evan was raised alongside two foster siblings and later went to high school with a foreign exchange student. The Mobley family opened their home to Johnny from China. Initially, Johnny had limited English proficiency, but he rapidly learned the basics of the language. Throughout this time, Evan held great respect and affection for Johnny.

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He attended Rancho Christian School, a private school with many foreign exchange students, where I met a student who joined in my freshman year, the same grade as me. Here is Johnny with persons he calls his brothers, including Evan, an Athlete who can be as good as he wants to be.

Photograph of the whole family Johnny at the middle.

Photograph of the whole family, with Johnny in the middle.

Initially, during his freshman year, he lived with a different family but wasn’t comfortable there. So, he requested to stay with my family, and we agreed. From sophomore year onwards, he lived with us and became like a family member. I believe he’s now at UC Davis, and we occasionally meet.

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When he arrived in eighth grade, his English was limited. Meeting him in freshman year, before he moved in with us, was a unique experience due to the language barrier. However, he quickly became fluent in English.

He adapted smoothly to the American lifestyle, making the transition seamless while living with Isaiah, Evan, Nicol, and Eric Mobley. He was already part of our friend group in high school, so when he moved in with us, he just continued being a close friend and like a brother to us.

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Finally, Johnny Mobley is a member of our Basketball Players Kin Connections.

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