Justin Jefferson’s Father – Top Facts about John Earl Jefferson

John Earl Jefferson hails from Louisiana, where he was born and raised, just like his kids were also grown there. He attended Slidell High School before studying at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

To begin with, he once played Division II college basketball. Nonetheless, he set aside his aspirations of becoming a professional basketball player and currently works for Grainger, a company specializing in commercial and industrial equipment so that he can secure features for his family.

Meet the father of Justine Jefferson.

Meet the father of Justin Jefferson. Image Credit: Instagram.

While we look forward to his bio, we notice his unwavering love and care towards his family. He got married to Elaine Jefferson, who was also a former basketball.

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They made a home in Destrehan and began their family. Their union was blessed with three amazing children. The amazing fact about the Division II player is that he never jokes with his family, especially his sons, who mean the world to him.

Meet the wife of the Division II player, John Earl Jefferson.

Meet John Earl Jefferson’s wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

The soccer player’s dad and his family were really looking forward to seeing if the LSU player would get picked to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

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He said,

“Justin was feeling a lot of stress before the draft night, and things were even tougher because of the COVID-19 situation.”

Before the Vikings chose him, his father had talked to several teams, like the Falcons and the Raiders, that were looking for new wide receivers.

However, when it was finally confirmed that Justin was going to join the Vikings, John felt a big relief and was happy to see how excited Justin was about it.

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More about John Earl Jefferson:

Starting off, his son, Justin, currently dates Tianna Harris, a soccer player. John was really important in his kids’ sports lives. He wasn’t just a dad but also a guide, helping shape his children’s love for sports. Seeing his kids (Jordan, Rickey, and Justine) do well made him super proud.

These are the three sons of a formal basketballer, Rickey at the left-hand side, Justine and Jordan at the right-hand side, and their father in the middle.

These are the three sons of a formal basketballer, Rickey on the left-hand side, Justine and Jordan on the right-hand side, and their father in the middle. Image Credit: Instagram

The father of the NFL player fondly remembered how his littlest son admired his big brothers and wanted to play like them, even though they were much older. “He would sit on the bench, feeling like he was one of the team members.

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His older brothers didn’t just ignore him; they made sure he always felt like he was part of things,” he said with a laugh on the website Heavy.

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