Odell Beckham Jr. Mother – Top Facts about Heather Van Norman

Heather Van Norman, the mother of NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., was born on October 12, 1967, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She herself is known for her athletic background, having excelled in track and field. Heather and Odell Beckham Sr. have three children together, with Odell Beckham Jr. being their most famous.

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The other two are named Jasmine and Kordell Beckham. Heather has made a name for herself not only as the mother of a famous athlete but also through her achievements in sports. This piece will give you more insight into Heather Van Norman, her life, and her contributions to the athletic world. Let’s get into the details.

A photo of Heather Van Norman.

A photo of Heather Van Norman. Image Credit: Tvguidetime.

Heather Van Norman Career:

Heather Van Norman, born on October 12, 1967, in New Orleans, Louisiana, distinguished herself as a prominent track athlete at Louisiana State University (LSU). Her speciality was sprinting, and during her time at LSU, she excelled in this field, participating in prestigious NCAA championships and even training for the Olympic trials.

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However, her promising track and field career ended early when she became pregnant with her son, Beckham Jr. Even while she was pregnant, she kept training. She and Beckham Sr., both athletes and students, took their son to their classes and practices.

Heather Van Norman is holding her young son, Odell Beckham Jr., when he was a baby.

Heather Van Norman is holding her young son, Odell Beckham Jr., when he was a baby.

After college, she began coaching. The mother of the NFL star worked at Rice University and Georgia Tech and was head coach at Tulane University for seven years. Now, she’s coaching at Nicholls State.

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In addition, the sportswoman, who was busy coaching and supporting Beckham’s games, got her master’s from LSU. She lives in New Orleans with her daughter, Jasmyne.  As a mother, Van Norman has played a pivotal role in the athlete’s life, especially in supporting his burgeoning football career.

Van Norman became a coach.

Van Norman became a coach. Image Credit: Instagram.

Her influence has been instrumental in helping him maintain a balanced and grounded approach to his professional life in sports. Beyond her role as a supportive mother, Van Norman has also carved out a successful career in the business world.

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She owns a clothing line, showcasing her entrepreneurial skills and interest in fashion. Additionally, she has ventured into the fitness industry, holding a fitness studio.

This reflects her continued commitment to athletics and health, a passion that has been a significant part of her life since her days as a track star. Her multifaceted career as a businesswoman and her dedicated role as a mother highlight her diverse talents and ability to manage multiple responsibilities successfully.

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Heather Van Norman, an accomplished track athlete, became a mother to Odell Beckham Jr. while she was still in high school, with Odell Beckham Sr. as the father. This happened during an essential time in her track career, right after she won a national championship and was getting ready for the Olympic trials. Heather and Odell Sr. were together in high school and had Odell Jr., but they never married.

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More About Heather Van Norman Son:

Odell Beckham Jr., also known as OBJ, plays wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. He arrived on planet Earth on the 5th day of November 1992, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He played college football at LSU and did so well that he made the All-American first team. The New York Giants picked him in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to begin his pro football career.

l Jr., the NFL star, and his mother were at the field.

Odell Jr., the NFL star, and his mother were at the field. Image Credit: Instagram.

Heather Van Norman Ex-Husband:

However, the wife of Beckram Sr. later married Derek Mills in 1996, an Olympic gold medalist and a successful sports coach, including a stint as the head coach at Tulane University. Heather and Derek don’t have kids together. Their marriage brought together two sports stars, each with their notable successes.

The father of Odell Beckham Jr.

The father of Odell Beckham Jr. Image Credit: popularbio.

Heather Van Norman’s Husband

Heather and Odell Sr., high school sweethearts who had the NFL star together, did not get married. In 1996, the wife of the ex-sportsman Odell Sr. married Derek Mills, an Olympic gold medalist in the 4×400 relay from the 1996 Olympics and a highly ranked athlete in the 1995 World Championship for the 400 meters.

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In addition, both couples celebrate in their sports but don’t have children together. Derek Mills, also close to Odell Jr. since he was five, often attends Giants games. He is a Georgia Tech graduate with a degree in electrical engineering and a strong background in track.

Heather Van Norman Networth:

It’s hard to pinpoint Heather Van Norman’s exact earnings, but she probably makes a good income as a professional track coach. Estimates suggest her net worth is around $700,000, and her annual coaching salary could be anywhere from $18,000 to $134,000.

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Salaries in her profession depend on experience, location, and coaching level. The total value of her assets, which add to her net worth, isn’t clear. With a lengthy and successful history in sports, both as a competitor and a coach, Van Norman’s finances seem to mirror her achievements in athletics.

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