Russell Wilson Brother – Top Facts about Harrison Wilson IV

Harrison Wilson IV was born in the US in 1983 to his parents – Harrison Wilson, III (Father) and Tammy T. Wilson (Mother). He grew up alongside his siblings (a brother and sister), Anna Wilson and Russell Wilson.

Harrison Wilson IV  strongly follows the Christian faith and has African-American roots. Both parents, his dad, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, and his mom, Tammy Wilson, raised him and his siblings in a loving and respectful home. He was named Harrison Wilson IV in honor of his late dad.

Behold, Harrison IV the CEO of the limited minds.

Behold, Harrison IV, the CEO of the limited minds. Image Credit: Pinterest.

His dad used to be a sportsman before he chose to be a lawyer for different businesses. Yet, he left a mark in sports, a path Harrison’s younger brother followed. Aside from their dad’s achievements, Lucy Wilson has been a wonderful mother to them, stepping in after their birth mom died from problems during surgery. Now, here’s a picture of these amazing parents.

Meet the parents of Harry. Harrison III and Tammy.

Meet the parents of Harry. Harrison III and Tammy. Image Credit: Playersaga,

Furthermore, the businessman began his professional journey in sales roles with companies such as Horizon, Victory, and Stryker. With a dozen years of experience in the biotech field, he created his own company called ‘Limitless Minds,’ which assists other companies in maximizing their growth.

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Harrison Wilson IV is a well-educated individual who attended the University of Richmond for higher education. Previously, before taking on the CEO role, the NFL’s older brother was known for his athletic prowess as a wide receiver and baseball player during his time at the University of Richmond. However, details about what he studied and when he graduated have not been disclosed.

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Looking at the relationship between the brothers, Harrison Wilson has been a big source of support for Russell Wilson since they were kids. Their connection as brothers got even tighter after they lost their dad. When they were young and practicing together, Harrison would encourage Russell to play quarterback. Behold the American football quarterback and his siblings.

The founder of Limited Minds and his lovely siblings. Russell and Anna at the left hand side.

The founder of Limited Minds and his lovely siblings. Russell and Anna are on the left-hand side. Image Credit: Pinterest.

Russell Wilson also backs Harrison’s business efforts. He owns a part of Harrison’s business, ‘Limitless Minds’. The two brothers are very close, and together with their sister, they have a strong family relationship.

Meet Courtenay the wife of the Business man.

Meet Courtenay, the wife of the Businessman. Biography mask.

Indeed, Russell Wilson’s brother, Harrison, is a married man. He and his wife, Courtenay Wilson, have been in a happy marriage for more than ten years and are the delighted parents of three daughters. As of now, the specific dates of their wedding have not been shared publicly.

Behold, Harrison IV the CEO of limitless Minds, and his family.

Behold Harrison IV, the CEO of Limitless Minds, and his family. Image Credit: Sportskeeda.

When the NFL’s older brother, Harry, talks about their dad’s life in a short way, he begins at the end, around early 2010. By then, their dad, Harrison, had severe diabetes, which led to him losing a leg and having trouble speaking because of a stroke. Despite these problems, his dad said something to Harry that he never forgot during a trip to the store:

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“I just wish I had been a success.”

This surprised Harry, especially when he thought about everything their dad had done. He had studied at a top university, got a law degree, played two sports in college, and almost made it to the NFL.

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