Russell Wilson Father – Top Facts about Harrison Wilson III

Harrison Wilson III, the father of NFL player Russell Wilson, was born on November 9, 1954, to his parents – Harrison Wilson Jr. (father) and Marguerite Ayers (mother). Based on family relationships, his parents, therefore, are Russell’s paternal grandparents. Harrison Wilson III, a retired NFL player himself, is married to Tammy T. Wilson, and together, they have three children: Russell, Harrison IV, and Anna Wilson.

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Again, Harrison III also has daughters-in-law: Courtney, married to Harrison IV, and Ciara Wilson, married to Russell. The family extends to grandchildren, including Future Zahir Wilburn, Sienna Princess Wilson, and Win Harrison Wilson. This summary gives a glimpse into the family of Harrison Wilson III, notably known as Russell Wilson’s father. He is a father-in-law to Ciara Wilson and Ashton Meem (married to his son from 2012 to 2014). Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

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About Harrison Wilson III Parents:

Wilson was born on April 21, 1925, in Amsterdam, New York. After serving in the U.S. Navy from 1945 to 1947, he attended Kentucky State College (now University), earning his B.S. degree and excelling in multiple sports. He later became the successful head basketball coach at Jackson State University from 1950 to 1967, where he also led the physical education department.

Meet Haririson Jr. the father of Harrison Wilson III.

Meet Haririson Jr., the father of Harrison Wilson III.

Wilson furthered his education at Indiana University, gaining a master’s in physical education and a Ph.D. in health science and administration. He retired in 1997, with a building at Norfolk State University named after him.

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He was married twice, first to Anna Williams, who passed away in 1967, and then to Lucy Cutliff, a former faculty member at Old Dominion University. After his biological mother passed away due to complications from surgery in the late 1960s, his father married Lucy Wilson, who had been a member of the Norfolk Public School board for many years.

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Furthermore, Anna Williams is Harrison Wilson’s biological mother, making her the grandmother of the well-known NFL athlete Russell Wilson. After Anna, Lucy Cutliff became Harrison Wilson’s stepmother, stepping into the family role after Anna. This means that while Anna Williams is Russell Wilson’s biological grandmother, Lucy Cutliff is his step-grandmother due to her marriage into the family.

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Harrison Wilson III Education:

After finishing high school, the athlete went to Dartmouth University, where he played baseball and football. He was an infielder in baseball, and in football, he played as a wide receiver. Because there weren’t many African-American college athletes, he helped start Dartmouth’s first black fraternity.

After finishing college in 1980, he studied law at the University of Virginia. He later worked as a lawyer for various companies. During his career, he also became the executive director of the Hard Road to Glory Sports Hall of Fame.

Meet the renowned NFL player Harrison Wilson III.

Meet the renowned NFL player Harrison Wilson III. Image Credit: Playersaga.

Harrison Wilson III Career:

Harrison Wilson III was the head coach at Jackson State University from 1951 to 1960 and later led the Department of Health & Physical Education there from 1960 to 1967.

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Besides his passion for sports, he did well in his studies during college, showing everyone what an outstanding student-athlete looks like. Harrison Wilson III hoped to play in the NFL after he finished college.

However, the NFL began his journey as a football and baseball professional while studying at Dartmouth University. He was unique in his college league and was crucial in creating the university’s first black fraternity.

During the days of Harrison Wilson III, when he is studying law.

During the days of Harrison Wilson III, when he was studying law, Image Credit: ESPN.

Do you know that Wilson was very talented in sports, excelling as a wide receiver in football and an infielder in baseball? He excelled in moving and passing the ball in his early college years. Harrison Wilson III even played in a preseason game with the San Diego Chargers, but he didn’t make the team because his performance in the training sessions wasn’t up to their standards.

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He retired in 1997, and in his honor, the NSU administration building was named after him. Russell Wilson comes from a family with a history of accomplishments, which explains his success.

Harry B. Wilson played third base for two years on the Dartmouth varsity baseball team.

Harry B. Wilson played third base for two years on the Dartmouth varsity baseball team. Image Credit:

Relationship with Dad:

Russell shares a deep connection with his dad. In simpler terms, this famous Seahawks player gained a lot of knowledge about life and football from his dad, Harrison Wilson III, who has since passed away. To understand more about the person who brought up the Seahawks’ leading player, insights have been gathered from interviews with Wilson, his older brother Harrison IV, and his uncle Benjamin.

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Harrison, who passed away ten years ago in June, always encouraged his son to aim high and not let other people’s doubts stop him. Sadly, he died at 55 years old after a long fight with diabetes. Russell’s mom, Tammy Turner Wilson, is now 62 years old. He also has two sons who are successful in their careers: his eldest son, Luke Rodgers, and Jordan Rodger.

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Harison Wilson III’s wife:

During his life, Harrison Wilson III married Tammy T. Wilson, who was born around November 4, 1959. Before getting married, Tammy worked as a legal nurse counselor. She was a very dedicated and faithful wife. Together, they had two sons and a beautiful daughter, giving them three children.

Meet Tammy, the wife of the legendary NFL racer.

Meet Tammy, the wife of the legendary NFL racer. Image Credit:

Harison Wilson III’s son Harrison Wilson IV:

Born in 1983, Harrison Wilson IV is named after his father and studied at the University of Richmond, where he excelled in football and baseball. He later became a CEO and co-owns the business ‘Limitless Minds.’ He has been happily married to Courtenay Wilson for over a decade, and together they have three daughters.

Meet Harison Wilson III's son - Harrison Wilson IV.

Meet Harison Wilson III’s son – Harrison Wilson IV.

Harison Wilson III’s son Russel Wilson:

Everyone who knew Harrison Wilson wasn’t surprised by his son’s success. He’s a Super Bowl winner, has been to the Pro Bowl seven times, is one of the NFL’s most famous faces, one of its best-paid players, has started a company, and even owns part of a Major League Soccer team.

Like father like son. Russell took after his dad, and he is presently the best player in his team.

Like father like son, Russell took after his dad, and he is presently the best player in his team. Image Credit:

Wilson shared with ESPN, “My dad was a big inspiration to me when I was younger. He would often ask me, ‘Son, why not you? Why don’t you play professional baseball or football?’ The idea of ‘Why not you?’ really shaped who I am. I often found myself thinking about that question without realizing it and deliberately.”

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Harison Wilson III’s Daughter Anna Wilson:

Anna Christine Wilson was born on July 12, 1997, in Richmond, Virginia. She is famously known as Russell Wilson’s brother, the NFL star whom the Steelers are predicted to sign. Her mother, Tammy, is a nurse, and her father, Harrison Wilson III, is a lawyer and former Dartmouth athlete. Her grandmother was a professor, and her uncle graduated from Harvard Law School. Anna started playing basketball at five under her father’s coaching at their local YMCA until he died when she was 12.

Meet the prominent basketballer, Anna Wilson's Passion and Legacy on the Stanford Court.

Meet the prominent basketballer Anna Wilson’s Passion and Legacy on the Stanford Court.

At Stanford, she faced health issues, playing only six games in her first year due to a concussion and foot injury. She scored 17 points as a freshman and eventually helped her team reach the Final Four, ending her college career as one of the most played athletes. Despite her efforts, Anna wasn’t picked in the WNBA draft.

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