Russell Wilson Grandfather – Top Facts about Harrison B Wilson Jr.

Harrison Benjamin Wilson Jr., born on April 21, 1925, in Amsterdam, New York, was Marguerite Ayers and Harrison Benjamin Wilson Sr.’s son. He was well-known as a health educator and basketball coach at college. He married Anna W. Wilson and had six children: Harrison III, John R., Jennifer, Richard A., April Woodard, and Benjamin F.

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Additionally, he was the grandfather of several grandchildren, including NFL player Russell Wilson, Harrison IV, and Anna Wilson. The family also includes his daughter-in-law Courtney, who is married to Harrison Wilson IV and has three daughters – Gracie, Marttie, and Nora.

Another daughter-in-law, Ciara Wilson, married to Russell, has children Sienna Princess, Win Harrison, Amora Princess, and stepson Future Jr. This article is about Harrison B Wilson III, known as Russell Wilson’s grandfather, Harrison B Wilson. Let’s get started. Here is a photo of Harrison B Wilson Jr.

Harrison B Wilson Jr is the paternal Grandfather of Russell Wilson.

Harrison B Wilson Jr is Russell Wilson’s paternal grandfather. Image Credit: hamptonroadsmessenger.

Harrison B Wilson Jr Education:

He led Norfolk State University as its second president from 1975 until his retirement in 1997. Born to, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1945 to 1947 before attending Kentucky State University, where he was an honor student and excelled as a multi-sport athlete.

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Following his undergraduate studies, Wilson pursued further education at Indiana University, obtaining a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in health science and administration in the early 1950s.

Harrison B Wilson Jr Career:

His career in academia included a successful tenure as the head basketball coach at Jackson State University, where he also chaired the Department of Health and Physical Education.

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Wilson’s personal life saw him marrying Anna Williams. She passed away in 1967, and later Lucy Cutliff, a former Old Dominion University faculty member. He was a father to six children and also a grandfather. His grandson Russell Wilson became a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, and his granddaughter Anna Wilson reached the NCAA Final Four with Stanford in 2022.

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A respected member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and the Alpha Kappa Mu honor society, Wilson was active in various boards and organizations. His contributions to Norfolk State University were honored by Old Dominion and commemorated with a building named after him. Harrison B. Wilson passed away on July 28, 2019.

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More about Harrison B Wilson Jr Wife:

Anna W. Wilson, Russell Wilson‘s grandmother, had an important job at Jackson State University, a well-known college in Jackson, Mississippi. As part of the university staff, she would have taught students, done research, or helped run the school.

Her work there was about helping students learn and grow and making sure the university kept its promise of a good education. Her time at Jackson State shows she was really committed to education and helping young people succeed. This makes the Wilson family proud of their connection to such a respected school.

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