Evan Mobley’s Father – Top Facts about Eric Mobley

Mobley, originally from Georgia, relocated to the San Diego area in the 1980s. He completed his high school education at Helix High in La Mesa, California, and in 1990, he graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in Criminal Justice.

Also, his career includes roles as a corrections officer and investigator in the Public Defenders Offices of Riverside and San Diego Counties. Beyond his professional life, he is actively engaged in ministry activities, such as feeding the homeless and contributing to the Salvation Army.

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Evan is married to Nicol Mobley, and they got married in 1996 in New York. They have two sons, Isaiah and Evan, who were both drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. Let’s not forget Johnny, who Eric takes as his son. Johnny is a foster brother to Eric’s sons, Isaiah and Evan.

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Isaiah Mobley was selected as the 49th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, while Evan was chosen third overall in 2021. The Mobleys have also been foster parents for five years to teenagers who are now grown.

In addition to his off-court achievements, Mobley was an accomplished basketball player with a global reputation. Though he never reached the NBA like his sons, he played professionally in various countries, including China, Indonesia, Mexico, and Portugal.

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After retiring from playing, he shifted his focus to coaching. He dedicated 11 years to managing teams in the Amateur Athletic Union, sharing his extensive basketball knowledge with aspiring young athletes.

Photography of Eric Mobley with a nice smile looking like a gentleman.

Photography of Eric Mobley with a nice smile, looking like a gentleman. Image Credit: usctrojans

Eric Mobley, a proficient basketball coach and a dedicated father, skillfully imparted both life lessons and basketball insights to his sons. Balancing his role as a dad, he often found himself mediating and resolving arguments between his sons with effective strategies.

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Beyond his parenting, Eric closely monitored his sons’ basketball progress, even in college. He became an assistant at the University of Southern California (USC) basketball coach, a position he has held for six seasons since his appointment on March 24, 2018, by head coach Andy Enfield. Bringing extensive experience in coaching, player development, and mentoring, he specializes in enhancing skills for big men.

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Before USC, Mobley coached various Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams for 11 years. He led the Compton Magic 16-and-Under team for three years prior to joining USC, even traveling to China with the team to conduct coaching clinics and player camps.

From 2007 to 2018, Mobley ran the Triple Threat AAU youth basketball program, which he founded. This program aimed to build student-athletes’ confidence, commitment, and integrity through basketball.

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In addition to his AAU and collegiate coaching, Mobley was the head women’s basketball coach at Rancho Christian High School in Temecula, California. As a player, he had a collegiate career at Portland, averaging 7.2 points and 5.6 rebounds in 1990, and later played a season at Cal Poly Pomona as the team captain.

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Mobley had an international basketball career, playing professionally in Portugal, Mexico, and Indonesia. He also competed in the World Basketball League within the United States and was a part of Meadowlark Lemon’s Harlem All-Stars, a renowned basketball team.

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