Devonta Smith Mother – Top Facts about Christina Smith-Sylve

Christina Smith-Sylve grew up in Amite, a town in southeastern Louisiana famous for its oyster production. She was active in sports, particularly basketball, during her time at Amite High Magnet School. This is the same school that the future NFL star would also attend, as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Furthermore, being inspired by a career day event in high school, Smith-Sylve chose to follow a path in social work. She attended Southern University in Baton Rouge for her higher education. In 1998, she completed her studies, earning a bachelor’s degree in social work, as indicated on her LinkedIn profile.

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Moreover, She discovered her pregnancy with Smith prior to completing her college education, and he was born later that year. In a conversation with the Inquirer, she revealed that the pregnancy was unexpected.

“It was a surprise, unplanned. But these things happen,” she expressed to the publication. She emphasized the challenge it posed, noting, “It took hard work and determination to finish my studies and graduate.”

The picture of Christina Smith-Sylve and her husband appears stylish and impressive.

The picture of Christina Smith-Sylve and her husband appears stylish and impressive. Image Credit sportslulu.

Furthermore, she married Kelvin Dickerson, and they are currently in a co-parenting partnership. Kelvin manages a car detailing business and is responsible for the daily management of the company. His responsibilities include staff supervision, arranging appointments, monitoring work quality, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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Additionally, Kelvin handles the financial side, focusing on budget management, setting prices, and overseeing financial reports. He also plays a key role in marketing and promoting the business to draw in new clients.

Smith-Sylve embarked on her career as a social worker while her son was still a child, commencing in 2006 as a Child Welfare Specialist at the Department of Children and Family Services in Amite, according to her LinkedIn profile. This role significantly influenced Smith, who often expressed concern for her safety, especially when she had to respond to family crises at odd hours, including late nights.

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Christina is not only Devonta’s mother but also has another son, Christian, who is 14 years old. Her dedication to her family is evident, and she has played a significant role in her sons’ lives.

Christina Smith-Sylve Second son:

Football talent is evidently a family trait, with Smith’s younger sibling, Christian Smith, actively participating in high school football in Amite. According to his Hudl profile, Christian is versatile, playing both as a running back and an outside linebacker. He is expected to complete his high school education in 2024. While composing this article, there are limited details available about him.

Image of Christian Smith wearing a blue suit, presenting a gentlemanly appearance.

Image of Christian Smith wearing a blue suit, presenting a gentlemanly appearance. Image Credit: sportslulu.

As a matter of fact, Donovan Smith has mentioned that his brother doesn’t experience added pressure because of his NFL success, as he conveyed to the Inquirer. He understands his own identity, Smith explained. He noted that his brother doesn’t appreciate being labeled as “my little brother.” According to Smith, this understanding made things easier for him, emphasizing that his brother is known as Christian, not just as ‘DeVonta’s little brother.

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