Patrick Mahomes Wife – Top Facts about Brittany Lynne Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Wife – Top Facts about Brittany Lynne Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes, who is famously known as Patrick Mahomes’ Wife, was born on the 31st of August, 1995, to her Father, Scott Matthews, and Mother, Diana Massey. in Whitehouse, Texas, United States. Aside from being pretty famous for being married to a star football player, Patrick Mahomes, she is also known for her sports achievements.

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Brittany Lynne Mahomes’ dad, Scott Matthews, is a professional in project management and has been doing this for over thirty years, especially in the health world. He’s good with technology in healthcare and used to lead the IT department at Legacy Community Health Service. He’s helped a lot of people there with his guidance.

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Scott got his diploma from the University of Texas at Tyler in 1996 and started managing staff at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Since then, he’s worked at some pretty notable healthcare places.

Behold, Scott Matthews the father of the former soccer player.

Behold, Scott Matthews is the father of the former soccer player. Image Credit: playersaga.

Brittany’s mom, Diana Massey, is also in the healthcare biz, a physical therapy assistant at UT Health East Texas. She was born in ’65 and is close to Brittany. Diana studied at Kilgore College and then the University of Texas at Tyler. She’s been married a few times.

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Matthews is her first husband and Brittany’s dad. They split up when Brittany was little. Diana later married a guy named Paul Massey, and Brittany likes her stepdad, always making a fuss over him on Father’s Day.

Meet the mother of the entrepreneur. Diana Massey.

Meet the mother of the entrepreneur. Diana Massey. Image Credit: Playersaga.

However, the young soccer star shined at her high school. She scored a remarkable 22 goals and made five assists in her last year, making her one of the best forwards in East Texas.

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Mahomes didn’t plan to play soccer in college but joined the University of Texas at Tyler’s team, the Texas-Tyler Patriots, after talking to some old friends. She even got to play with her high school buddy, Chestley Strother, again.


Brittany Mahomes is a retired women’s soccer forward. Image Credit: Meaww.

The Patriots got to the big NCAA Division III Women’s Soccer Championships twice. In 2014, they lost early to Trinity University. They played Trinity again in 2015 and tied 1-1 after an adamant game. Mahomes scored in the penalty shootout, but they lost by just one point. Mahomes will be remembered for her strong will and her incredible soccer skills. Her story shows how much she loved soccer and how hard she worked with her team.

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In 2017, upon completing her studies at the University of Texas, Matthews ventured to Iceland, joining the UMF Afturelding/Fram team through a professional contract. Her tenure with the Icelandic club was brief, lasting only a season during which she netted two goals in five key matches.

Brittany Mahomes kicks a soccer ball during her NCAA days at UT Tyler.

Brittany Mahomes kicks a soccer ball during her NCAA days at UT Tyler.

Nevertheless, her short international stint was marked by a significant highlight—securing the championship trophy. Despite a promising season, Matthews’ career in soccer did not progress as anticipated.

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Playing five matches and scoring twice for UMF Afturelding, she experienced a victorious campaign; however, her journey as a professional soccer player concluded shortly after that. Opting not to pursue a career in the United States NWSL, Matthews shifted her ambitions toward entrepreneurship.

She founded Brittany Lynne Fitness, channelling her passion for sport into a business focused on personal training and health advocacy. As a certified personal trainer, she began to build a new chapter in her professional life beyond the soccer field.

Brittany regularly shares pics of her intense gym workouts.

Brittany regularly shares pics of her intense gym workouts. Image Credit: lifeandstyle, meaww, daily.

In 2012, Mahomes and Matthews, two high schoolers from East Texas, started falling for each other. She was just a sophomore, and the athlete was a junior when they went from buddies to something more, all thanks to a Valentine’s Day card and rose Mahomes gave to Matthews at school.

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Forward to 2019, after some great times with the Chiefs, the pair bought a place in Kansas City. Then, after dating for over eight years, Mahomes popped the question in September 2020. He did it in style, in a VIP spot at Arrowhead Stadium, with lights asking, “Will You Marry Me?” and flowers everywhere, followed by a fancy dinner, and she said yes.

A photo of their marriage proposal.

A photo of Brittany Lynne Mahomes’ marriage proposal. Image Credit: theknot.

That very month, they told everyone they would have a baby. They tied the knot in a big Hawaiian wedding in March 2022 and have since had two kids, making their family even more significant. Brittany’s husband is the son of Randi Mahomes and Pat Mahomes. Again, Brittany’s husband has a brother, the person of Jackson Mahomes.

A photo of her wedding ceremony.

A photo of her wedding ceremony. Image Credit: theknot.

The fitness trainer took to Instagram to share her happiness, talking about how amazing the past year has been: “Getting married to your best pal is the coolest thing ever! Life is just better with you and our fabulous kids.

Her family:

Brittany Lynne Mahomes and her family: Image Credit:

However, the first year was a bit of a rollercoaster, but we’ve got so many more to come. You & Me forever.” They started their marriage with a fun honeymoon on March 15, right after their dreamy wedding in Maui. And now, they’re excited for their second kid.

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They’ve already picked out a name that honors his dad — their new baby boy, born on November 28, will be known as Bronze, full name Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon Mahomes III. The rest may be history, as they say.

Finally, Brittany Lynne Mahomes is a member of our Virgo Celeb Kin tag archive. Similarly, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife is a bona fide part of ParentsFamilyBio’s Kin Connect for American Football Players.

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