Brad Pitt Grandparents – Top Facts about Clara, Hal, Alvin and Liz

Brad Pitt Grandparents – Top Facts about Clara, Hal, Alvin and Liz

Brad Pitt’s maternal grandparents are Clara Mae Bell and Hal Knox Hillhouse, while his paternal grandparents are Alvin Monroe Pitt and Elizabeth Brown.

Known globally as an acclaimed American actor and film producer, Brad Pitt has roots that trace back through a diverse and rich family heritage.

His remarkable journey in Hollywood, marked by memorable roles in films such as “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” “Fight Club,” and “12 Monkeys,” is just a part of his intriguing story.

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Brad Pitt’s ancestry is a tapestry of various ethnicities, primarily English, but also includes Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and even remote traces of Swedish, Dutch, French, Cornish, and Channel Islander/Jersey.

Family Connections with Brad Pitt Grandparents:

Let’s start with Knox Léon Jolie-Pitt. He is Brad Pitt’s Son and a twin brother to Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. They are great-grandchildren of Clara, Hal, Alvin, and Elizabeth Brown. Douglas Pitt and Julie Pitt Neal are Clara, Hal, Alvin, and Elizabeth Brown’s grandchildren.

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Brad Pitt’s Early Life and Ancestry

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, to Jane Etta (Hillhouse), a school counselor, and William Alvin “Bill” Pitt, a trucking company owner, Brad was raised in Springfield, Missouri. His upbringing in a Baptist household, although he no longer practices the religion, shaped his early years.

Brad’s personal life, including his marriage and children with actress Angelina Jolie and his relationship with his brother, Douglas Pitt, a businessperson and philanthropist, has been a subject of public fascination.

Meet Jane Etta late father Hal. Knox and both parent grave

Meet Jane Etta’s late father, Hal Knox Hillhouse. Also, the grave of both Clara Mae Bell and Hal Knox Hillhouse: Image Credit: ancestors,,, and

Diverse Ethnic Background

Brad’s family history in the United States spans many generations. His ancestry is predominantly English, complemented by a mixture of Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German (including Alsatian German), Scottish, Welsh, and Irish origins.

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This diverse heritage, which he discussed in a 2012 interview on Inside the Actors Studio, also includes unverified claims of Native American ancestry, specifically Seminole and Cherokee.

Brad Pitt’s Paternal Lineage:

Brad’s paternal lineage is fascinating. He is a third cousin, once removed, of actor Tyler Christopher, sharing common ancestors in their great-great-grandparents, George W. Dorris and Nancy Rosalee Smith.

Meet Brad Pitt grand father Williams Alvin Pitt father late, Alvin Moroe Pitt

Meet Brad Pitt’s great-grandfather, Alvin Monroe Pitt. He is Williams Alvin Pitt’s father. Credit: and ancestors,

Brad’s paternal grandfather, Alvin Monroe Pitt, was the offspring of Oliver Brown Pitt and Rosalee Doris, with roots deeply planted in Oklahoma. His paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Jean “Bettie” Brown, descended from Lester Benny Brown and Una Valerie Coker, whose father was a Christian minister.

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Brad Pitt’s Maternal Heritage

On the maternal side, Brad’s grandfather, Hal Knox Hillhouse, was born to Emery Hillhouse and Etta Coleman Williams in Mount Vernon, Missouri.

This line includes Emery, the son of Elijah Boyd Hillhouse, Jr., and Malinda Morris, and Etta, the daughter of Henry Thomas Williams and Ida Mae Isbell. Brad’s maternal grandmother, Clara Mae Bell, daughter of Finis Alonzo Bell and Lenora Jane Hammer, has her own unique lineage.

Meet Brad Pitt grand father late Hal. Knox Hillhouse

Meet Brad Pitt’s grandfather, the late Hal. Knox Hillhouse: Image Credit: images.findagrave.

Her ancestors, including Felix Emery Hammer and Sarah Angeline Parker, contribute to Brad’s rich family history. Notably, Brad’s seven-time great-grandfather, John Johannes Hammer, was born around 1683 in Libesia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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Meet Brad Pitt with his parent and siblings

Meet Brad Pitt with his parent and siblings. Image Credit:, daily mail.

Brad Pitt‘s family history is a fascinating blend of various cultures and backgrounds, reflecting the rich tapestry of American ancestry. His lineage is not just a footnote in his biography but a significant element. One that adds depth and context to the story of one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures. Brad’s genealogy is a testament to his diverse origins. It explains paths to the identities of his families across generations.

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